Saint Lucia to host COPANT 2013 General Assembly

Saint Lucia to host COPANT 2013 General Assembly

Over a quarter million dollars will be pumped into the local economy during the island’s hosting of the Pan American Technical Standards Commission (COPANT) 2013 General Assembly from April 21-26.

The Pan American Standards Commission comprises the National Standards Bodies (NSB) of the Americas, which currently total 25 active members and nine adherent members.

Director of the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards, Dr.  Mkabi Walcott, said over 100 international delegates will make the trip to Saint Lucia for the annual general meeting (AGM).

“The hosting of this AGM in Saint Lucia is an activity contributing over $250,000 EC being injected in the economy of Saint Lucia. Our delegates will be staying at four major hotels in the north of the island and the meetings and conferences will be held at Sandals Grande. A number of other services such as transportation for delegates for the week, catering, event management and translation services, as these meetings will be hosted in English, Spanish and Portuguese are all services procured for this event,” Walcott explained.

The Pan American Standards Commission promotes the development of technical standardization and related activities in its member countries with the aim of promoting their commercial, industrial, scientific and technological development in benefit of the economic and commercial integration and the exchange of goods and services, while facilitating cooperation in the intellectual, scientific, economic and social spheres.

Dr. Walcott said the upcoming COPANT AGM will review the Commission’s operations with the view to enhancing the economic viability of COPANT member countries through the use of standardisation.

“During the week of activities there will be an exchange of experiences between experts from different countries and dialogue to identify common demands and challenges contributing to the strengthening of the economies of the Americas through standardisation,” he said.

During the 2013 General Assembly of the Pan American Technical Standards Commission (COPANT) Saint Lucia and Trinidad &Tobago will vie for the coveted position on the Commission’s Board of Directors.


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