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Saint Lucia to decriminalize marijuana

By MERRICK ANDREWS, St. Lucia News Online staff reporter/editor

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Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says Saint Lucia is moving towards decriminalizing marijuana

(SNO) — Saint Lucia will be decriminalizing cannabis, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has told The Saint Lucia Star newspaper.

During an interview with the newspaper last week, Chastanet said the agreement was reached after “good meetings” last year.

“We had some very good meetings before Christmas and we’ve agreed that we’ll be going through a process of decriminalization,” he stated.

Statistics provided by The Star Newspaper, show there has been a dramatic drop in marijuana-related court charges from 2013 to 2017 at 217, 101, 82, 107 and 132, respectively.

Chastanet said that his government is speaking to several companies concerning the matter including cultivating the now-illegal herb for medicinal purposes.

“It’s still very unclear how big that market is going to be, and whether its going to be a completely legal market; what’s going to be the rules regulating the cross-border exportation of hemp. So we’re speaking to several companies in hopes that we can make that happen,” Chastanet told The Star.

He also stated that his government has been struggling to ascertain what laws and guidelines Canada will abide by when it comes to importing hemp oil into that country, and has expressed hope that companies that have expressed interest in the matter will come to the island to assist.

However, Chastanet sounded a note of caution when it comes to the matter since his government has been criticized for its perceived slow pace in addressing it.

“It’s not necessarily true when people say we’re missing out on opportunities. Small island that we are, we have to keep in mind that whatever we produce from hemp, there are more developed countries that can produce it in bigger quantities,” he stated, adding that the government must put in place the necessary mechanisms in place.

“That’s not to give an excuse,” the prime minister told The Star. “We are moving forward with this but we obviously understand there are still many questions to be answered.”

If cannabis is legalized in Saint Lucia, it will be following similar footsteps of Jamaica, St. Vincent, and Antigua.

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  2. Decriminalize natural herb

  3. Finally while i'm happy to hear this pronouncement i'll wait to see actions before i praise anyone

  4. Nice, now it seems like wee don't only adopt the bad things, correcting an age old wrong, hurry!..

  5. While I don't appose the decriminalization of Marijuana...nothing this fool do is genuine...he's just out there securing votes for another term from the "badboy" and recreational user.... Meanwhile Gale and Guy out there making way to establish grow houses and weed farms under pseudo-names.... just like the garbage trucks shes been importing.... pathetic is what our political system is.... Unless we see past the red and yellow flambeau and laybah system our country will fail... wake up stlucia

  6. Wow bravo me PM I hope you will be able to control the future generations cause so many of our you men and women have lost their morals because of weed when it was illegal now it’s legal what will happen,? Anyways time will tell

  7. What does it have to be foreign companies ? Keep it LOCAL.

  8. After you all can't solve crime, and all the killings going on, all the young men i know personally whose heads went off after marijuana, our stupid black people are folllowing their old white massa whose sole aim appears to make destructive decisions for money. thats what they good at anyways. burying their souls for paper money. First, alchohol came along it is now legal. now we have endless useless alchoholics around the place creating mayhem. billions have been poisoned by alchohol with that decision.then tobacoo was legalised by white people and they all knew the toxic effect of the drugs,. years later it has killed off millions around the globe with lung cancer and bronchitis and everything else. , Now tell me my un-intelligent black people; when they legalise marijuana and you follow suit and do the same thing; do u think you in your little huts, with barely any jobs and medical care can actually deal with the physical and mental health burdens that such a change will bring? but I forget that we are not informed thinkers and policymakers rather we are like sheep, jumping on the bandwagon no matter where it leads. we are forever in a drunken stupor waiting for the next carnaval while we wine down our sorrows away and our young people continue to go astray because the leaders dont know any better.

    • Health And Safety Officer

      If you could at least tell me one "documented" health Issue that marijuana had caused or is causing then you have a valid point, I think you should be careful what you say, because you only making yourself look stupid, especially trying to categorized weed with tobacco and alcohol. Not everything that happens needs to be political, weed has not killed anyone or made anyone mentally unstable, please don't try to Mislead anyone.

      • You are stupid one. Marijuana's effects in the long term will be worst than either alchohol and tobacco. But people like you are the sheep who fail to question anything. Since I am the educated one and you are the foolish one, you need to have a look at health journals and articles which has already found evidence of marijuana's bad effects on cognitive and physical health. As usual, these important issues are not highlighted in mainstream media, rather medical journals that are not brought and paid for by big interests will provide that information. But I am educating you much too much. Being a health and safety officer here in your little island simply means that if you lucky enough you went to Morne Tech, the highest level and no further. Boy don't display your ignorance to far more educated people than you can ever hope to be.


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