Saint Lucia taking steps to educate and train citizens on Ebola virus

By Samuel Sukhnandan, Staff Reporter

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Stakeholders from a wide cross section of organisations participated in a forum to discuss the Ebola virus on August 14 at the Mental Wellness Centre. More than 40 individuals were in attendance.

The spread of the deadly virus in Africa has also been a concern for people locally.

Participants were educated on the virus’s history, symptoms and treatment, among others. Persons were also briefed on how to handle patients for quarantine purposes, especially when it comes to going to the hospital, and what to do with the corpse of someone who died from Ebola.

However, the participants questioned whether Saint Lucia is fully prepared to deal with the virus. They were reassured that systems are already in place and further plans are being made to educate smaller groups of people on the virus. The island also hopes to activate surveillance at all major port of entries.

Officer in Charge of the Bureau of Health Education Alison Isebert told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the Ministry of Health will be introducing shortly, a public education campaign to sensitise the public on the virus and to help reduce the mass hysteria.

Training will be conducted with officials from various government agencies such as: Saint Lucia Air and Sea Port Authority (SLASPA), immigration, funeral homes, Saint Lucia Red Cross and Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Hospitality Association (SLHTA), among several others.

Isebert told SNO that the ministry plans to very shortly, re-institute and strengthen the plans that were already in place to deal with the H1NI virus for Ebola. Additional protective equipment will also be sourced to provide first-responders, who may at any time, come into contact with suspected Ebola victims.

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  1. So what are we doing about the Chikungunya epidemic??? We cant even treat that and we speaking of Ebola????

  2. To all men and women seeking repatriation and really want to go back to Africa,what is the hold up,EBOLA waiting for all you.

  3. There is hope for the treatment of the Ebola virus. There are a few vaccines and treatments derived from the tobacco plant which are in development. There is a treatment called ZMAPP which uses a protein called antibodies, designed to inactivate the Ebola virus.

  4. Lord u are the great physican,take charge and control and guide our country and our citizens from dis deadly virus

  5. My fear is the possibility that the virus can enter Saint Lucia via students who attend a medical schools here. Some of those students may very well be citizens of those countries where the virus is detected or widespread. Others may have recently visited one of those countries or had contact with someone who recently visited one of those countries. Saint Lucia must be on guard quite seriously and must not treat any possibility as frivolous !

  6. Our concern should be focused on preventing ebola from getting passed our ports. Prevention is better than cure.

  7. Young athletes from West Africa were banned from participating in contact sports such as wrestling in international youth sports underway in China. This is the kind of precaution we also need to take. They retaliated by not participating at all.

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