Saint Lucia Social Development Fund implements water enhancement project

Saint Lucia Social Development Fund implements water enhancement project

soufrierePRESS RELEASE – On the heels of a similar undertaking, the Saint Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF) has initiated a contract with the Water and Sewage Company (WASCO) to improve the water supply in deserving communities on island.

The Bouton Water Enhancement Sub-Project is being funded under the Basic Needs Trust Fund 7th Cycle to enhance access to basic social and economic infrastructure. Clean safe water is a privilege that is often taken for granted in developed countries and one that is not always accessible in the developing nations.

St Lucia is already experiencing the effects of climate change and variability through damage from severe weather systems and rainfall patterns.

Parliamentary Representative for Soufriere/ Fond St. Jacques and Minister for Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment the Honourable Harold Dalsan said: “Since the Christmas Eve Trough of 2013, the water catchment area at Quatre Chemin disappeared. And so, since then the residents have had to rely on trucked water from WASCO. This system was not always dependable, and residents often complained to me that a truck had not come for a while, and they were in need of my intervention. I am glad that this will no longer be an issue and these residents will be relieved once this project is completed.”

The upgrade and extension of the water supply in Bouton is necessary to provide a reliable and safe water supply to residents.  Presently, Belvedere Canaries is the closest and most reliable water source to Bouton.
Bouton Resident Ms. Gifta Jongue said: “It has been a norm for us to receive water once every three months- with some people going as long as seven months with no pipe borne water. So we know very well the challenges associated with having inadequate water. That is why we are here today to support the work of the SSDF and the CDB through the BNTF to give us a consistent water supply.”

The Bouton intervention is the largest of all the water subprojects under the BNTF 7. It includes the installation of ductile Iron Water pipeline inclusive of all fittings, the construction of a glass-fused steel metal water tank at Quarte Chemin, pump house and installation of water pump at Belvedere Water Tank location, connections in 26 households in Bouton.

To enhance the sustainability of the project, water resource and water/waste maintenance training will be provided for residents.  The second phase of project will extend to Colombette- a community which currently has no pipe borne water.

WASCO is the agency retained for implementing the scope of works under the guidance and supervision of the Caribbean Development Bank retained consultant and the SSDF.


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