Saint Lucia reiterates position on Venezuela

Saint Lucia reiterates position on Venezuela
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun

(SNO) — Saint Lucia is maintaining its position on the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, that there should be fresh elections, and that the people of the Spanish-speaking South American country must be the ones deciding their future.

Speaking earlier this week, Foreign Affairs Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun warned that if the matter is not resolved, it could result in civil war and President Nicolas Maduro should consider a democratic approach to it.

“We know there is an ongoing crisis in Venezuela,” she stated. “As we have said previously, we believe there should be fresh elections in Venezuela, we believe the people of Venezuela should be the ones to decide their way forward…”

She noted, that as was said before, Saint Lucia believes the process that elected Maduro was illegitimate.

“And therefore in order to bring peace, calm and stability, the people should have an opportunity to participate in free and fair elections…” she stated.

Flood-Beaubrun stated that it is clear something needs to be done to resolve the situation.

“Obviously, it is clear that something needs to happen, something needs to be done,” she stated. “So it is for all persons, it is for all countries, to use all the diplomatic skills that we have to impress on the Maduro regime to say, ‘we should not be afraid of democracy, we should not be afraid of ever going to the people’.”

She also sought to explain visa restrictions placed on Venezuelans.

“People of Venezuela don’t want to leave Venezuela but there is a humanitarian situation there,” the minister noted. “For us, we are concerned about the security issues as well, because when there is mass migration a lot of other things that are undesirable move with mass migration, so for us in the region it is a concern…”

She believes that if the crisis is not addressed, civil war may take place.

“This is what happens when there is a serious crisis and there is not a defined and positive and quick-enough solution to it, it degenerates,” Flood-Beaubrun said.

In a letter to Saint Lucians this week, the Venezuela embassy on the island said it wishes to “affirm to the people of Saint Lucia that, at this moment, a coup d’état is under way in Venezuela ordered from Washington and some countries in the region and Europe, all of them against our legitimate and constitutional governmen”.


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  1. That ALBA-tross Agreement that SLP signed with Venezuela is what would have any government in a bind today. Civil war cannot be ruled out granted the present situation.

    If the SLP were in power today, it would be forced to follow the MAD Uro. If that faction loses, then the Opposition can call the loan. Saint Lucia then would be hard-pressed to find new sources of funds to repay Venezuela.

    If Saint Lucia allows the dust to settle and remain neutral, there is a chance that relations can continue whichever side prevails in Caracas.


  2. Venezuela is undergoing a civil war. It is hard to correctly pick sides on the political and hot zones. Government should remain neutral.

    Saint Lucia has gone down in history in helping save the Simon Bolivar. Real patriots know where our sentiments lie.


  3. Sarah you are a puppet shut up !! Always bowing to massa !! Can't you see these imperialist trying to take the people oil, even a blind man can see but you there kissing massa's boots. SHUT UP MAN.


    • I must strongly denounce your characterization of Sarah as a puppet - there are no strings in sight!

      Rather, the pained look on her face is representative of someone having their vocal chords manipulated, after having a long arm inserted through a normally exit orifice in their nether regions - hence she is a ventriloquist's dummy.

      However, her uninformed commentary is a natural reflection and product of a St. Lucian citizenry, whose civic accomplishments reach their acme at being able to distinguish between a "Flambeau" and a "Star".

      Note how she never says why fresh elections must be called, because she understands that there are no legal grounds for recalling the recently concluded elections, Venezuelan elections process which have been termed the most free and fairest process on this blue globe; which the right-wing oligarchy boycotted, because they knew they could not win.

      Then she never mentions that it is the US oil companies and mining interests which have used the US government's armed services to reprise their role in ousting any government in the world which will not accede to the wishes of the banking oligarchy which runs the show in the US - the last century and a half is replete with examples of how the US has sown chaos, war and destruction around the globe, for the benefit of their ruling oligarchs.


  4. Sarah who are u to demand fresh elections in Venezuela? By the same token, we cannot declare the SLP moronic, if they insist on fresh elections in St. Lucia too on the basis of perceived irregularities. So if I were in your shoes, I would shut it on Venezuela regarding new elections. Chances are the people voted Maduro in fairly because they are aware that support for particular regimes bring them benefits. While I think Maduro is way over his head when dealing with some states and have made some poor decisions, this gives you no right to insist on what should be the democratic process in Venezuela. Maduro's term will come to an end just like others before it. If Venezuela did not have oil, the US would not give to farts about Maduro and his ineptitude. As for not welcoming Venezuelans, and already blaming them for crime committed by useless St lucian men, it shows the lack of any type of intellectual analysis on your parts in that place.


      • You shut up! what position? prostituting in politics to gain favour? pal thats not a position. thats a demotion.. selling your soul to the highest bidder never works in the long term, so tanto tanto.. not sure anyone with a modicum of sense would want to be in that position. Now , go play with others at your level with your clap back.


        • She definitely has a position - which one I don't know; I am not privy her degree of knowledge & practice of the Kama Sutra, neither am I a Mako.


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