Saint Lucia records largest increase in visitor arrivals in September

Saint Lucia records largest increase in visitor arrivals in September

(PRESS RELEASE) — The sun-drenched and events-filled Caribbean destination of Saint Lucia continues to grab headlines, as its diverse tourism offerings keep resonating with audiences far and wide.

Already basking in seven record-breaking months of increases for 2019, the month of September has gone down as an unprecedented one for visitor arrivals to the island, specifically stay-over arrivals.

Captured figures indicate that Saint Lucia received 21,608 stay-over visitors for the month of September – a 15% increase from last September and the largest percentage increase for the year.

This figure also surpasses the record set in 2017 (20,049) by more than 1,000 additional visitors or 7.8%, in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria that severely affected several other Caribbean islands that month.

Most of this growth was driven by the 15% increase in arrivals from the US market – an additional 1,156 visitors, despite there being no major difference in airlift from that market.

The second largest real growth (1,144 additional visitors) was seen in the Caribbean market, which grew by 25%, owing in large measure to the hosting of CPL cricket endorsed under the Caribcation banner.

“While we welcome the increases, we will not stop in exploring every possible avenue, program, policy or niche, that will keep us top of mind in the marketplace so as to drive visitor arrivals to our destination,” noted Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee.

All other markets (except the UK and other parts of Europe) increased by double digits in September, with France and Canada in the lead with 52% and 43% increases respectively.

For more information about Saint Lucia, visit or call 1-800-456-3984, or 1-888 4STLUCIA


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  1. Why would some one tell a St.Lucian stop complaining, are we so blind, dumb, and stupid in this country. I truly feel sorry for some ignorant Lucians. {OPEN YOUR EYES LOOK AROUND YOU }


  2. where is all the money going .? What about schools and health care. We know the government is raking millions of dollars every month, but where are the money going to . Who is responsible in this country. We need to take care of our schools and health care now.


  3. We still dont have proper healthcare, driveable roads, sidewalks to walk on, 90% of the male population under 30 are goons, too many yong single mothers, rivers and streams polluted with pesticides, alcoholism etc.

    We did not create any of the natural wonders in this country, we cannot take credit for it, we just happened to be born here. What we have created is a society of rum, vulgar music and sex. Nothing to be proud of here when you look at the bigger picture.


      • That's fine, it doesn't change the reality you will be faced with if you were to visit the emergency room at VH. I hope it satisfied with the treatment you get and "stop complaining". Stupid pleb.


        • Please be quiet you are annoying. I am used to my VH the change for better is just around the bend, if you want it done ASAP build your own. For now I will gamble with my life just like any other I will check in and may never check out so leave me to hell alone and yes I'm a roach go figure it out LMFAO.


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