Saint Lucia records growth in visitor arrivals

Saint Lucia records growth in visitor arrivals

GIS – The Saint Lucia Tourist Board (SLTB) credits marketing and PR strategies for the increase in visitor arrivals.

Saint Lucia’s tourism product has attracted increased numbers for the year 2014 compared to last year’s numbers.

The Saint Lucia Tourist Board reports that in addition to the numerous awards the island and its product won in 2014, the number of visitors increased in 2014.

Director of Tourism, Louis Lewis, said the United States of America is the largest and fastest growing market for Saint Lucia.

“We’ve actually seen a 12 percent increase in arrivals from the US market and that is very important,” Mr. Lewis said.

“Our second largest market is the UK. We have had some declines in previous years but it has been doing incrementally better, and to date, we are up by about seven percent.”

The SLTB places advertisements on local broadcast stations and print publications. Lewis said this strategic marketing, accounts for a large part of the increases in visitor arrivals.

“It is a repetition in the unusual, for instance you may be looking at CNN, ABC, NBC and you may not see Saint Lucia there.  But if you reflect on your own viewing patterns, what you would notice is that people may look at all their favourite channels, but when it comes to prime time, they focus on their little geographic area. That is where Saint Lucia gets featured—less expensive but more important locations.”  Lewis said the formula, so far, is proving successful.

Public Relations strategies—themed branding like August as Chocolate Heritage Month and September as the month of Romance—are also used to drive the market when there is insufficient market activity.


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  1. The increase in tourism did not come about as a result of the filming of two Bachelor finales (seasons 14 & 18) here in St.Lucia; neither did it come about as a result of Sandals non-stop advertising of its resorts; of which there are three in St.Lucia; instead, the SLTB would have us believe that this increase came about as a result of the actions and decisions made by Mr Lewis and the SLTB.
    Now, this is what you call a swell-headed bunch.
    Do away with the SLTB and St.Lucia will continue to welcome more visitors.


  2. Why is it not filtering down to the everyday people. This is what tourism suppose to be doing. Not as many people are employed in the sector, as before. I know that the photographers (wedding) are complaining,even when we are rated very high as a wedding destination.Are these information questionable?


  3. I am not too sure about that , it is not reflecting in the purse of the country, I guess the cruise ship few hours stay is included also. No Pissing I our eyes Lewis to make Lorney bot look good.


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