Saint Lucia records 6% increase in stay-over arrivals for November

Saint Lucia records 6% increase in stay-over arrivals for November
Tourism and Creative Industries Minister Theophilius
Tourism and Creative Industries Minister Theophilius

On the heels of being judged the ‘Sexiest Caribbean destination’, Saint Lucia remains steadfastly on course to record the most active year in recent times.

Tourism officials are subsequently basking in news of continuous increases in stay-over-arrivals for the much sought after destination, with the latest November figures indicating a six percent increase over the same period last year. In the penultimate month of the year, Saint Lucia recorded a total of 25,167 stay-over arrivals by air and ferry.

Arrivals from the US market were up a whopping 19 percent from 8,171 in 2012 to 9,732 in 2013. Year to date arrivals from the US are also up 12 percent from 104,927 visitors in 2012 to 116,982 in 2013.

The Caribbean market captured the third largest (14 percent) share of stay-over arrivals in November with a total of 3,533 visitors.

This figure represents a seven percent increase in arrivals from the same month last year. Year to date arrivals from the Caribbean are also up seven percent from the previous year.

In expressing delight over the news, Tourism Minister Lorne Theophilus said the increases come amidst stiff competition and challenging times for the tourism industry throughout the Caribbean.

According to Theophilus, who also holds the portfolios of Heritage and the Creative Industries, “Saint Lucia has been able to realise steady increases in arrivals overall and most notably an expansion in its main source market ¬— the United States, even as the US economy still grapples with slow economic recovery”. Year-to-date stay-over-arrivals for the period January to November 2013 recorded a four percent increase over the same period last year. Tourist arrivals increased from 278,170 in 2012 to 288,023 in 2013.

While acknowledging declines in the UK and Canadian markets, Director of Tourism Louis Lewis pointed to growth in airlift, strategic marketing efforts and targeted promotional activities in key source markets as the main factors driving the overall increase.

“This has allowed us to not only remain competitive, but critically to come out on top as the preferred destination of choice for thousands of increasingly discerning travellers,” said Lewis.

Among the highlights of activities initiated by the Tourist Board for 2013 are a highly successful revamped, rebranded and reenergised Jazz and Arts Festival; the staging of the inaugural wedding symposium; a highly acclaimed Saint Lucia Showcase – North America; rekindling interest in the small properties sector and a focus on key niche markets, one example being the recently hosted wedding symposium.

The tourist board is also touting a significant improvement in collaborative efforts involving key partners like the hotels association, tour operators, airlines and other tourism interests on island.


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  1. Haha, Lorne come again you don't have a clue how that happened, so don't take credit for it. Be more consistent and we will be more confident. Bring Chastenet back and we will see the real change in tourism. Need me some better days for Christmas!!


  2. One thing we really negative in this place, something sounds good on SNO say thank you and appreciate. Negative news alone some of you guys alone like in here.. SMH anyway I love to hear despite the bad news this is updating news.


  3. Just can't please everybody all the time!!! When it's bad, we say it bad. When it's good, we say it bad! I suppose, this is just the game of politics.


  4. While these tourism directors and and ceo's bring these beautiful news to the people of Saint Lucia, they are in their comfortable AC offices. Thousands of college students, secondary school students leave school every year and there is nothing to do.





    • What does this comment has to do with any of this? Name me any country or state on this earth that's crime free with no unemployment. The USA, where serial and mass murderers, where hundreds of thousands I it's citizens are being sent home everyday, appears to be where you unpatriotic, small minded Caribbean people love to die to go for. Even lie and forge documents for a US visa. So what makes you believe that St. Lucia can be immune from such humanly impurity and imperfect anti-social ills?

      If you can no longer see yourself as part of us (Saint Lucian,) feel free and get out. your choices of pristine and (holier than thou) choices are, USA, UK and Canada(even that you've ruined too.)

      Hypocrites!!! 🙁


  5. Mr. MP for Choiseul/Saltibus I have head from the mouths of your people and it is bad bad bad. You are not ready for a Parliamentary Position. Joke you making. Stop taking St. Lucians - those who voted for you for a ride with laughter. Cheap talk. It should have been 6% increase in jobs, 6% more roads made motorable for the people of Choiseul/ Saltibus, 6% decrease in medical cost to the seniors, 6% decrease in VAT for your voters.


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