Saint Lucia recognized as “Best Island in the Caribbean”

Saint Lucia recognized as “Best Island in the Caribbean”

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Saint Lucia has been recognized as the “Best Island in the Caribbean” by Global Traveler at their Sixth Annual Leisure Lifestyle Awards.

Global Traveler is a monthly publication that attracts some 300,000 readers and connects with U.S.-based frequent, affluent, international travellers who have an average net worth of $2 million.

The awards cocktail took place on the rooftop of Sofitel Los Angeles, Beverly Hills. This award marks the destination’s second ‘Best Island in the Caribbean’ honour in the 6-year life of the Global Traveler Leisure Lifestyle Awards, Saint Lucia having won the inaugural award in 2013.

Saint Lucia registered a record-setting year in 2017, with year-to-date numbers for 2018 improving over the same period last year.

First quarter figures for 2018 show a 17.8% increase in stay-over arrivals and a 13.5% increase in cruise arrivals over last year’s record.

Remarking on Global Traveler award, Minister for Tourism Hon. Dominic Fedee stated, “This is an award of recognition to the hard work and dedication of every hospitality worker and to every Saint Lucian. It is the Saint Lucian story and its majesty which continues to attract visitors to the destination making it a world-class holiday and business destination for travellers.”

Global Traveler also highlighted Saint Lucia as a ‘dream come true’ port of call for cruise visitors. The award survey was conducted in the Global Traveler magazine through an insert in subscriber copies, as a direct mail questionnaire, online and in emails. Saint Lucia beat out nine other destinations for the top honour, including Aruba, Grand Cayman, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Bahamas, Curaçao, Nevis, Jamaica the British Virgin Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“We believe Saint Lucia is a unique Caribbean destination which offers something to every traveller and this award is in recognition of our destination’s appeal. We will continue to find creative ways to present Saint Lucia in the marketplace as we seek to increase market penetration, awareness and visitor arrivals,” stated the Executive Chairperson of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority Agnes Francis.

Each year, Global Traveler awards the GT Tested Reader Survey awards, the Leisure Lifestyle Awards and the Wines on the Wing awards.


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  1. It's an honour to know that how far we come to achieve such a prestigious rating.St.Lucia is doing great under the UWP administration and I am praying the Hewanorah Airport is completed.


    • Wow! St. Lucia is doing great under the UWP?!! What a joke! Yet, they have to borrow from pensioners fund to meet their financial obligations? Health system is in a dire mess. Exorbitant grocery prices. Education infrastructure is deplorable. Corruption in govt. High crime rate. You must be a real idiot to make such ludracis statement. I guess idiot say, idiot do! Troll!


      • Relax Bruv. We (except for the colour-blinded hacks) are well aware that many politicians are dirty, rotten scumbags. However this is not about them. Its about our breath-taking scenery, our beaches, our idyllic hills, valleys and woodlands, our hospitality infrastructure and services, our entertainment events and of course - although that demographic is quickly becoming a minority due to the thuggery of some gun-toting idiotic savages - our still largely friendly, welcoming and quick-to-smile folks.

        Outsiders have seen it fit to give us the accolades, so let's bask in the praise :).


      • I guess you have nothing positive to say about your island. Your negativity is depressing! What have you done to improve any of these issues? I'll wait.....


  2. why isn't the benefit of this passed on to ordinary St Lucians???? And why can't you see this success reflected on the streets just driving around the island?? This success in isolation does not mean a thing unless the ENTIRE country prospers not just foreign investors. It breaks my heart.....


  3. We know that if white people want to sit in a room and cling their champagne glasses to it good for them. However we need to move away from just been an island in the sun to more of a brand people still don't know or ever heard of St Lucia.


  4. Thiis won't change the price in bread for me .Vat still too high and our medical sucks so best with what


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