Saint Lucia received 1.2 million visitors in 2018 — tourism officials say

Saint Lucia received 1.2 million visitors in 2018 — tourism officials say

(SNO) — Tourism officials are boasting of what they say is a major milestone in the industry with 1.2 million visitors to Saint Lucia in 2018, a 10.2 percent increase overall.

They say the figure represents an increase of 13.6 percent in cruise arrivals and 26 percent in yacht arrivals.

The UK market continues to be a good performer in the industry.

“The UK market is very encouraging, came in with a very strong December,” Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee said at a press conference on Thursday. “And this is despite all the uncertainty in the world about Brexit. We see the UK in December recorded an 18 percent increase.”

He stated that this shows, despite all the challenges and obstacles, that the demand for Saint Lucia in the UK is still strong.

“And this is something that we continue to build on and this is something that is very encouraging for the future trends of the industry,” he said. “And I just want to let you know that we will not spare no effort to ensure that we do everything possible to maintain and increase those numbers.”

Statistics show that 394,000 people stayed over on the island in 2018, with an overall growth of 10.2 percent over 2017.

Fedee said the impact of the increase on the local economy must be measured.

“It’s to make sure that we institute what we call … a tourism satellite account,” he explained. “So that we will be able to trace the tourism dollar step by step but while we are doing that, we are also working on on exciting project to enhance the revenue performance of the destination in all visitor area, in Pointe Seraphine, with our taxi drivers, with our vendors.”

He said the project began with vendors.

“Over 200 of them have been trained in our OECS Tourism Competitive Project,” he noted.

Fedee said that feedback from local properties for the 2018-2019 season has been good and encouraging.

“Very good actually, very good feedback,” he said.

The tourism minister also stated that his ministry is working to have 2019 the best year and to surpass the 2108 figures.


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  1. There are many opportunities and miss opportunities to entice tourists. Some people want a pleasant place to sit and have a cool beer, cup of tea, cake but there is little or no guide. Not everyone wants to stroll through a mucky vegetable market in their fineries. Apart from serendipitous walking, no one knows what Castries has to offer.


  2. Dominic really sexy. All you all women that want him leave my man alone. I want to be your jabal Dominic. I like his little mouth.


  3. Domique, I know too well that this can never be true. You guys have not published figures for the last quarter of 2018. We have had fewer cruise ships than last season. Hotels continue to advertise dicounted rates and other specials to encourage visitors to travel. Where did the 1.2 million come from. The chineese who are coming here are not visitors. They are coming to stay. Do the maths.


  4. it would be not more then fair if cruise ship passenger pay departure tax, like any visiter who travel by air.


  5. But are they spending money on islands? Are the vendors getting that foreign currency or are they just sight seeing


    • Exactly ! Ten cruise ship could come in today if the passengers are not leaving the ships and spend money only the air and seaport authority making docking fees. St Lucia need more attractions to separate visitors from their money that's the objective but if the majority are all going to all inclusive and spending their money their the economic spin off is minimal. The arrival figures might be great but are they spending . My brother was a craft vendor in Castries market and he gave it up to drive taxi because the visitors were not buying like they use to and sometimes they don't come off the ship and when they do they walk around and just take pitures


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