Saint Lucia ranked in world’s best beaches list

By SNO Staff

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Jalousie Beach

(SNO) — FlightNetWork, one of the world’s largest online travel publications, selected and ranked 400 of the world’s top beaches with the help of 1,000 of the industry’s leading travel professionals.

Saint Lucia has one beach featured in the ‘Top 50 Central American & Caribbean Beaches’ category: Jalousie Bay in Soufriere.

Jalousie is ranked 41st.

Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos is ranked #1, Seven Mile Beach in Cayman Islands #2, and Varadero Beach in Cuba #3.

FlightNetWork said: “Often touted as the Mecca of lust-worthy beaches, the shores of Central America and the Caribbean provide ample reasons to pack your bathing suits and book a flight. To ensure your vacation doesn’t disappoint, we’ve developed one of the most extensive lists of Central American and Caribbean beaches. When you’re done perusing this list, you’ll have a firm grasp on the life-enhancing beaches you deserve to visit as soon as possible.

“To create Central America and the Caribbean’s Top 50 Beaches©. FlightNetwork collected insight from over 1200 journalists, editors, bloggers, and agencies, who know all things travel. The invaluable wisdom they provided ensured our list of Central American and Caribbean beaches will lead you to shores so extraordinary you may decide to permanently change your address.”


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  1. Grace bay is absolutely stunning. I’m well traveled and this beach is by far the best I’ve seen. Big up to Provo and Turks and Caicos


  2. I was wondering which beach then when i saw jalousie it made sense. Cause i've been to beaches in Guadelope and barbados and ours have a ways to go. Just being real


  3. jalousie beach is beautiful but it is not built with local sand--it is brought in from guyana


  4. saint lucia needs to work on that pollution issue first to get better.
    I do my part to not litter but there have too many of us that use littering as their favourite past time. stricter laws about this, public urination and men harassing women on the street shouting all manner of things need to be enforced then we will see realistic and frequent nominations and wins for these things.

    too much nastiness passing for normal here. a woman friend visiting got called all types of things including a prostitute even though she never spoke with the man. it was one man shouting stupidness in a whole group of men but it left a real bad impression. none of the other men spoke up to stop him and we had to pass near them several times. these fellas need to face real legal consequences because its not the only time these bitter men making women uncomfortable. I start feeling like I have to warn my friends about the ignorance of guys here before they arrive. trash of all kinds needs to be dealt with both on the street and on the beaches.


  5. I'm sorry but the beaches here basically suck. "worlds best". lol !!!


    • You are pathetic sore loser.


    • I agree I just come back from holidays after been away for 8yrs what he hell happen to sandy beach OMG red seaweed galore. Rudy John beach use to be so nice as boy all day Saturday jumping off the jetty man that use to be fun now rock rocks rocks I was very disappointed how were are keeping our beaches


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