Saint Lucia prime minister in favour of term limits

Saint Lucia prime minister in favour of term limits
PM Chastanet
PM Chastanet

CASTRIES, St. Lucia, Feb 21, CMC – Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says he favours term limits for government leaders.

“I have listened to the arguments on both sides as to whether there should be term limits. I believe that prime ministers should only have two to three terms maximum in our system,” he told a radio programme here.

Chastanet, who is currently serving his first term as prime minister, added: “I would certainly be willing to sit down and have that discussion and come up with some general agreement on having term limits.”

Asked if he was willing to set the example outside of the constitutional reform process and serve three terms for the most if given the opportunity, Chastanet told radio listenders: “I can give you those assurances. Either two or three (terms) and again, these are things that would have to be determined by the party.”

He said he has indicated generally that if the voters here would give him and his administration the opportunity to do two terms, “I think two terms would be sufficient for us to accomplish a lot of the things we want to do”.

Prime Minister Chastanet said he was “comfortable” with the talent pool within the ruling United Workers Party (UWP).

“The party does have enough resources that we could limit ourselves to two terms,” he said, adding however, he did not want to speak for his party.

“That is a decision that first would have to be made by the party and once it is made by the party we can then carry through,” Chastanet said, promising that the decision on the matter will be obtained from his ruling party “very soon”.


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