Saint Lucia police receive training in report writing

Saint Lucia police receive training in report writing

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Training Division of the Department of the Public Service is responsible for ensuring that the right training are made available to government employees, in keeping with their training and development needs.

The Division has been embarking on a series of training programmes primarily focused on report writing, an area which has been identified as requiring attention.

So far, the Division has conducted a number of five-day report writing training programmes targeting Correctional, Fire, and Technical Officers. However, Police Officers are the focus group for the period January 2020 to March 2020. The training assist participants in:

• Recognizing and applying the steps required from beginning to end in report writing
• Identifying the best methods for constructing reports
• Effectively and strategically communicating with stakeholders
• Managing, interpreting and communicating key messages to a range of target groups
• Developing the knowledge and the practical skills required to produce effective
documents and reports
• Understanding and applying the structure of the report document

The Training Division is hopeful, that upon completion of the programme, participants would have acquired the abilities to combine appropriate data and critical reasoning skills, to draft logical and well-reasoned reports that are coherent and persuasive. The programme outline covers the following five broad areas:

• The Report: Definition and Purpose
• The Internal Memorandum
• The Formal Report
• Techniques: The Classical Arrangements
• Drafting and Revising the Report


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