Saint Lucia police reaches agreement with gov’t on benefits for police officers

By SNO Staff

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Members of the local police force on duty. * Photo credit: St. Lucia Star

(SNO) — The Police Welfare Association (PWA) and the government have reached an agreement on at least one aspect of industrial matters for the 2016-2019 triennium.

PWA President Travis Chicot told HTS News that his organization and the Government Negotiation Team (GNT) concluded matters proposed on financial and non-financial benefits for police officers, although the union has not actually signed up to it.

“We have actually concluded all,” he stated. “We think we are in a great position as it pertains to our position on the increase in risk allowance; increase in the detective, plain-clothes allowances, and also articles of non-financial, where we presented the position of the welfare association, where we believe the government can meet police officers half way as we perform our duties.”

However, the matter concerning salary increase is yet to be resolved.


“As it pertains to salaries, you know we discussed salaries after we concluded the benefits and what would have to happen is that all other unions would have to complete the benefits as well,” he explained. “We are very interested in discussing the salary increase because there will be a number of proposals. We have already articulated our position as it pertains to salary increase.”

Chicot said the PWA is looking at every option and is looking “for something that will enhance the life or the pocket of our police officers”.

On the matter of financial and non-financial benefits agreement, he said the PWA is expected to meet with the GNT on March 28 to discuss the GNT’s and the government’s position on it.

He stated that the PWA will discuss the agreement with its general membership some time next week.

“I am happy today that the police have concluded, we have done our entire collective agreement, we’ve not signed but we await the GNT to come back with a position so that they can clearly state the position of the employer whether on financial or non-financial benefits,” he said.

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