Saint Lucia police officers will not accept salary cuts or deferments: PWA

Saint Lucia police officers will not accept salary cuts or deferments: PWA

Below is a notice from the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force Welfare Association (PWA) to its members regarding possible salary adjustments during the COVID-19 pandemic. The notice was posted on the PWA’s Facebook page on Monday, April 20:

Dear members: As promised, we the executive of the PWA remain committed to providing the members of all updates relating to the position on salary adjustments during the period of COVID-19 pandemic.

As previously stated, the PWA was resolute in its stance on accepting no cuts or deferments to salaries at this juncture. This position was reiterated to the government representatives, including Honourable Stephenson King, Minister for Infrastructure, Ports Energy and Labour and Chairman of Cabinet Sub Committee on Labour.

The PWA was then and remains of the view that the government, by way of the aforementioned representative, had not presented the association with pertinent facts relating to its inability to meet salary commitments, in order to make an informed decision on behalf of the membership on salary adjustments.

One key question posed by the association was the current financial standing, including governmental expenditure, which would render the government incapable of meeting its financial obligation to staff. This has not been presented to the association to date, leaving the PWA no choice than to remain steadfast in its position.

The PWA is now in receipt of a letter, signed by Honourable Stephenson King, indicating that “…as we are about to exhaust the mandate for which we were first convened…” which is in no way a shared sentiment. The letter goes on to state that he has forwarded the outcomes of our meetings to Cabinet… “to allow the Minister for Finance to formulate and present a plan of action to all stakeholders concerned…”

The minister, in his letter, recognized and commended the efforts of officers during this pandemic, but as the old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words!” In a period where police officers are asked to give more of themselves, sacrifice even quality of life, the PWA believes this is not the time to impose severe financial constraints on its members.

We understand that even in the current state of emergency, the prime minister has the authority to legislate salaries. With the sitting of Parliament being tomorrow, Tuesday, April 21, 2020, this may become a sad reality for our members.

We remain resolute in the fight to maintain the financial security of our members; we have not remained home and continue to work tirelessly to create a safer environment for all people in Saint Lucia.

Travis Chicot


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  1. It's reality time - we are facing a World War scenario at the moment, which means nothing will be normal or as we want it to be. We all have to make sacrifices. Civil Servants, Members of Parliament, Police, everyone. To expect that you will be able to receive your full salary at a time such as this, no matter what work you are doing, is unrealistic. Everyone should be prepared to tighten their belts, and live on less money than they are used to. It is not that we as a society don't value what you are doing to protect us, it is simply that we as a nation do not have the resources to pay everyone the money they deserve. the only way that the nation of St Lucia will weather this storm is by all of us pulling together and makiing compromises. Let's be the country that exhibits unity and a self help philosophy. We can do it. We must do it.


  2. Totally support the police. What cut the Governor General P M. Members of parliament and cabinet and other high paid consultants taking.


    • I totally support the police on this issue. The country's current financial situation has nothing to do with Covid19. It's has all to do with mismanagement and corruption by this administration. Rather than trim the public service when they assumed office, they fitted and created positions for their cronies in every available position both here and abroad. Every contract awarded has been inflated by the millions to facilitate kickbacks. Thieves!

      Now the shit has hit the fan they are saying that we are in this thing together. No we are not! Only you and your cronies benefitted from the squanderd money so why then should we be squeezed when things go bad. We are willing to assist and make sacrifices for country but not until these political thieves return All the stolen and squandered funds - Not until they fire all the cronies tbey have installed in those tpo paying positions.

      In fact the only action the police should take to assist this country is arrest all those thieves and parade them in the public square before administering just and fair punishment! THIEVES! THIEVES!!!!!


      • Your name suit you fine,you are one angry hack it's showing. Please take it easy, calm down take your medication and you will be okay before you begin self mutilation then when done you start hurting innocent people. Sak way coo yo in yowa.


      • i hate to say, now it's too late, when the gov'ts, pass and present were squandering our monies, you took your share,[unions] and remained quiet. why you didn't stand firm as you are doing now, against the corrupt politcans? why?
        both sides of the fence are guilty and so are the union leaders, fooling the people for personal gfain!


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