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Saint Lucia police officers are being overworked; PWA expresses concern over long working hours

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — With cops reportedly working long hours in Saint Lucia, the Police Welfare Association (PWA) is expressing concerns over the matter.

President of the association, Travis Chicot, described the matter as “worrisome”.

“It is becoming a little bit worrisome to the Police Welfare Association in terms of the working hours,” he told MBC Television.

According to him, officers report to work at 9 a.m. on Mondays and remain till 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

“Our police officers have complained and as a welfare association, we believe that it is fit,” he remarked. “As it now stands, when we’ve done our calculations and we’ve done our investigations, when we look at the two days in, two day out system of work, we are persons in this country who are working in excess of 72 hours in a week.”

He said the International Labour Organization stipulates that a work week is 40 hours a week and he thinks that officers should be properly compensated for the hours they work per week.

Chicot said many police officers have spoken about high anxiety levels and many are seeking medical attention because of the long work hours.

“A few police officers are saying it is causing them a toll on the body, so some of them are receiving sick leave,” he stated. “So the Police Welfare Association believes the days for two days in, two days out must come to an end.”

He revealed that the rate of attrition in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is very high.

“Police officers retire in quick order,” he said. “We have a course of 50 officers presently at the training school but we still know it will not full the numbers in the police force. We have tried to solve the issue with employing special police constables but even then we are confronted with an issue where these persons are working, are doing the very same job with regular police officers but are receiving different pay.”

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  1. I agree that this arrangement is unfair and unproductive.An 8 hour shift is ideal but Officers must report for work dutifully stop malingering or moonlighting whilst on duty.

  2. That is so absurd to hear such bull-. Chicot should be ashamed. A Sargeant told the nation that he came to work and because things were slow he went to the movies and then returned to work over 2 hours later. Can that police officer be over worked.

  3. wow! police in st lucia really have work to do! it really takes work to FAIL TO SOLVE 99.99% of crimes. with all that butt scratching and collecting a salary, not taking statements, refusing to follow up on cases, letting murderers and rapists in the land walk free because they cant bother do the work involved. i guess its over-work on no work! tiway choo zout la!

  4. It's about time that system comes to an end...are police officers slaves of the system? Don't they have familes to? Those in authority bearly work 8 hours at work yet they want to push all kinda shifts down the throats of officers....action will be taken off this doesn't come to an end..equal pay for equal work done

  5. Sorry if I'm confused but why I have such a system of work? I can't imagine any profession where this would be an efficient way for workers to do their jobs. Two days on and two days off? That sounds like a nightmare. Why not have a standard working arrangement where people work 8 or so hours? And do this 5 days a week. You know, like shift workers anywhere. Again apologies if I'm misunderstanding something but I just don't see how this is an efficient system.

  6. Ha! Ha! They are not even working, not even doing their jobs properly but are "overworked". What a travesty this Force is. The Public thinks they are OVERPAID. Why don't they all disband themselves & give the country to the keen, young Cadet Core to run. SMH.

    • Police officers have familoes just like you... is it ok to leave you baby at home for two or three days straight with only the mother and other siblings... before you talk shate, think.
      Im sure you habe a 9-5 job or no job at all...
      Keep up the good work my fellow officers..
      Im proud of each one of you.. amd even when the public try to degrade you guus, there are people that habe been targets of your good deeds...
      Thank you moncherry for the change you habe brought in the force... it can be better but you are only one person.....rslpf..
      Liv up
      One love

      • " The Chosen one" u are pathetic. Who chose u to write crap on behalf of the police? Go and learn to SPELL your words before u try to defend the police.

      • They famous for reporting to work, sign the book and disappear for hours. You thinking they on a case? Yh right they going an check their men and women that not theirs. Police should have trackers Moncherry will blow his socks off to know where they are. So eh come with dat crap about they over worked. Tell them start to work. File their reports on time so you don't have to wait 2 months for a police report. Damn it!!! And on top of that they want salary increase?

    • You actually have to do work to be overworked. Sitting at a desk doing is not work. Moonlighting is on them. Author should rephrase that. Police Officers Are Reporting to Office for Inordinately Long Hours.


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