Saint Lucia police investigating viral video of man being stoned

Saint Lucia police investigating viral video of man being stoned

Saint Lucia police have confirmed that they have seen the viral video of a man being stoned but are yet to verify the location of the incident.

“We tried finding out about it. We don’t know where that is but it looks local,” a law enforcement official told St. Lucia News Online.

The amateur video, which is one minute and 46 seconds long, has been shared many times on Facebook and Whatsapp.

It shows a shirtless young man arming himself with a large rock then breaking it into smaller pieces. He proceeds to stone another man, whom persons claim in social media posts to be a senior citizen.

The victim collapses on the road after being hit in the back of the head. He lays motionless and bleeding. Seconds later someone tries to pull him up in a bid to revive him.

The man regains consciousness for a short while before laying back down on the road.

During the ordeal, a man wearing a blue shirt and a cap appears to try and make peace.

Persons on social media are calling on the authorities, if the incident is found to be local, to arrest the person recording the video along with the perpetrator.



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  1. The camera man was part of the crime when he advised the suspect to flee the scene.


    • Typical niggers. No wonder they are not liked by any nation because they are too busy killing their own.


  2. arrest him for what? he knows who did the act so have him on remand till he gives up the information. you see the kind of fellas we have to deal with, raise your children right so they do not become this type of person. what could that old man do to you so much for you to want to use a stone and almost kill him?
    my young brother disappointing me gah. we have problems as a society and proper parenting will go a long way in helping.


  3. In the great USA, a dog has more rights than a human, yet here in St.Lucia we are stoning our own fellow man and some idiot/ idiots taping it, common sense is no longer common on this island, our young people have lost their way, we're no longer the envy of many nations, our attitudes sucks.
    At barely 40 years, I remember the days when we were naturally courteous, considerate and caring because we are St.Lucians, nowadays class for our young people are a one room school house in Nickel Mine Pennsylvania.


  4. This is so inhumane and i pray to God that the perpetrators are found. This is of grave concern as this man has a bad wound to the back of his head a deep hole from the brick thrown at him. He will definitely suffer with this moving forward..smdh watching this video from a coworker's friend status made me so angry!! I do hope the police does a speedy investigation into this.


  5. just recently there was a fight like this in cul d sac. it started out with cutlasses but they didnt fight with them and one of the guys took a stone an hit the other guy on the head he almost knock out clean like a chicken, that known individual got what he deserved he to damn wicked eating people money and he not doing the work properly for you and constantly the people in the area was telling him to take his vehicle and go to stop that fighting to leave the other guy alone before he got hit by the stone but his head was just hard.


  6. Heard a fireman who works at babonneau was found dead in his balcony somewhere in castries seems like suicide..people talk bout you'll problems.Heard he was a nice guy Rip..Will update


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  8. Whaaa all them men heartless u mean the death od a man is live ENTERTAINMENT? the young one filming , why after the incident you telling your friend to leave the scene? Uh? Why u didn't tell him stop befor he attempted several time to stone the senior man. But u rather be entertained ... Lord..


  9. I am urging St. Lucians to use their cell phones as weapons, and begin recording every thing , providing it is a legal recording in a public place. It is time we conquer the injustice that is happening right here on our beautiful island. this is the only way we can save our self from sudden destruction. Let the video taping begin.


  10. These kinds of behaviors should not be tolerated in St. Lucia and I hope the police put all those responsible behind bars. You have pictures, locations, and a name (ROGGIE) piece of cake, no excuse. Lock them up.


  11. That's in deglos lil higher up the rubbish damp. Can't believe someone filmed this instead of helping the poor man


  12. In one way yes arrest the person videoing the ordeal but if it wasnt recorded how would they know that the ordeal happened?


    • Very true, but instead of posting it on social media he should've handled it to law enforcement.


    • thats the same thing i was saying cause he was only recording he did not throw stones so the only way they should detain him is for the evidence but the mere fact that he said in the video he has some real gonz makes him a bit of an accomplice cause if this guy was his friend why didnt he tell him to cool out on the man


    • Why would you arrest the videographer? He/she did nothing legally wrong maybe morally but not legally.


    • Or maybe instead of recording it, he could have tried talking his friend out of assaulting the man in the first place.


    • Speak my mind, if the young man filming had given the video footage to the police I could have understand that. Cause this right there is a criminal offence and against human rights. But the man chose to put it on social media and he can be seen enjoying filming what is taking place. Showing his face while filming like he is a reporter.


    • There is recording at a safe distance cause u fear for your own safety, but want to have it on record to take to the authorities n there is recording to share on social media for your 10 mins of fame.


    • Recording and not stopping the crime is basically the same as committing the crime. Yes he recorded it for proof, but did he report it? No he sent it out. Making him just as guilty. The recorder can be charged with "accomplice liability"


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