Saint Lucia police investigating gun-toting males in school uniform

Saint Lucia police investigating gun-toting males in school uniform

(SNO) — The police are aware of a photograph circulating of two male individuals, in uniform from a secondary school in Dennery brandishing guns, according to law enforcement sources.

In the photo received by our newsroom late Thursday, the students are wearing attire from the Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School.

One of the individual points a handgun while the other has a what appears to be a shotgun. The individuals are standing in a home, in front a sofa, near an open doorway.

A police official said they too received the photo on Thursday and the matter is being investigated.

One of the students is reported to be from the Mon Repos area, according to a law enforcement source.

It was not immediately known when the photo was taken.

More details later.


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    Sure these two students felt '...mighty proud and powerful,' presumably, being in possession of two deadly weapons.

    Do understand their fascination and practical experience of holding or discharging a round or two, if only for the excitement.

    However, they as anyone else, know that these often bring grief and could possibly bring upon themselves the wrath of the law, and upon their parents a hefty financial burden.

    Whether or not these weapons are irretrievably concealed, possessing them without a Firearms licence, there is adequate '...Documentary Evidence' to establish ' ...An unlawful possession of Firearms.'

    Never know who may become a victim. Law enforcement would be more than happy to take these firearms off the street and remove danger from the public.


  2. Well am not gonna let crime prevent me from coming to my home
    There always gonna have crime no matter where we go


  3. O my goodness. I remember such a peaceful place growing up. Now Im afraid to bring my dog Chi-Chi on vacation with my life sad


  4. You'll overseas base St. Luciana act as if there is no crime where you'll are living. We do have a crime situation on island but give us a break " you are afraid to come home with your daughter because who will she talk to" is there a photo here of over 260,000 residents banishing guns.. No there is not so donot make it seems like YOUR HOMELAND have lost it all.

    On the other hand, it seems like they are recruiting the young men early or sometimes it is just a stupid act on their part, trying to act like a gangster, I donot know so I will not go about speculating.
    I will let the police handle that case. Parents keep on talking and praying for your kids. Monitor them because the outside influence is strong. It is so easy to do bad. Check on them and if need be give the curfew. We are losing a generation our young ladies and men are going a stray.
    Continue to pray for them and our country.


    • Dont waste your energy on an idiot. person most likely sent that message from here. and i bet have zero stamps on their passport.


  5. We have a PM who says that good Gorvenance can get in the way of progress with no mass outrage by St.Lucians. The.only conclusion I can draw from that is that the country is corrupt from the highest office to the lowest.


  6. School youth with guns in their uniforms boy how times have changed potential gangers before they graduate I bet their parents have a clue


  7. If dem man were smart they would use this publicity to make money, like how boonk gang makes money on YouTube. No such thing as bad publicity only a broke person would think I’m wrong.


  8. The idiots are so stuck on STUPID..THEY HAVE STASMA.(cross breed disease between stupidity and asthma). IF and only IF the policy cannot charge them for gum posession..(which i doubt very much they will with the dumb system they have) they should be charge with first degree of chronic stupidity and give then 15 years JAIL TIME adult price ..NOT REMAND BUT JAIL TIME....Lets watch and see IF the government can do that..face it there are NO speculations have the faces..the uniform( which was a plus) and you have the cherry on top....the weapon itself.


  9. The police is exposing too much valid information that is why it becomes difficult for them to make headways in any case.

    If it was me I would disappear from St. Lucia .

    Boosting of their information on hand before succeeding in their mission.

    Crime will always rise in St. Lucia if this is how information is being reported. You are giving information to the persons involved rather than seeking information to resolve the matter.

    What a shame. Where did our Heads of Management, Policy makes and police officers study.


  10. Why do the police have to let everybody know what they're investigating. Giving the criminals an upper hand.


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