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Saint Lucia police criticised after ‘brutality’ video surfaces

By St. Lucia News Online

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is once again under public scrutiny after a video of a man being beaten by an individual dressed in military uniform normally used by the Force’s Special Services Unit surfaces on social media. SEE VIDEO BELOW ARTICLE

According to reports, the incident occurred Wednesday morning in Vieux Fort.

In the 11-second video, a man on his knees with his hands handcuffed behind him is surrounded by three males — two dressed in military fatigues and the other in normal police uniform.

One of the individuals dressed in military uniform lashes the man in his back three times with what appears to be a cutlass while repeatedly saying “what you doing with that?”

Based on reports, the man being beaten was allegedly caught with the deadly weapon.

“Because he had a cutlass on him he’s a bad man,” one source told St. Lucia News Online. “The officers just pull and started to beat him. I just know he did nothing.”

The police have been criticised harshly on social media since the video appeared on social media.

“Where’s the justice in this. Why are officers assaulting people whilst in handcuffed,” one person told St. Lucia News Online in an email.

Another person told us: “Police are responsible for maintaining public order and safety, enforcing the law, and preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal activities. What is going on here? Is this officer responsible for carrying out justice too??? Was the guy in handcuffs posing a threat to the officer?”

The video called ‘Police brutality in vfort today’ has been uploaded to Youtube. See below:


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  1. IS That a police officer beating the guy like that with a cutlass? gagster police!!

    They handcuff the guy and beet him up.

    police should have cut his head off and bring his body separately to the court for questioning lol joke police

    the other day female police pull a drive with a gun for speeding loool

  2. Haid I see u

  3. People of St Lucia should take the time to educate ourselves read the constitution and see what in there protects us as people as civilians .

    • Instead, news outlets like this one have articles tell us to KNOW YOUR LAWS, but not one about our rights. This is disgusting.

  4. Officer has the right to make an arrest and charge the man not bring him in the yard and assault him thats just like the girl who was arrested in the north then driven to some dark area and raped by the police. You guys need to die like regular criminals

  5. If found guilty for breaking the law then you automatically lose your rights . The police have a responsibility and duty to keep the public safe and to use non - lethal force to apprehend criminals in most circumstances . Those who are quick to critique human rights violations then you should try to live in countries like the USA.

    • The Original Watcher

      Stop this crap about the USA. Let us create our own democracy, fashioned to meet our particular needs and not that of the USA... which in itself s a farce of a democratic siciety.

  6. Suppose he had chop someone since Monday he town walking with the cutlass knocking people for no reason.

  7. Gasa this is so wrong and so many levels a bunch of stupid illiterate jackasses they hiring to put in the force ...gasa u the guy eh an animal u kno a human that deh and those that putting for the police dont worry uall go face uall own in uall mc

  8. You police that like to assault people in your custody. Just becarefull whose children you doing what you doing just make sure if i say or they say f you you charge them and do you job right. You even though human have to be better than us. Youll ever assault me or my children that officer better protect his entire generation cause i will wipe them off the earth like the family of Adam.

    • ok internet tough guy. whatever.

      • When ever you ready dirty cop

      • They claim to be mad..yo par mad pyess..if he had to run after them with it u wud see how fast they themself wud kill the police burst his ass with cut lass.yourll on police back.. anyways ... tooooooooothhhhhhhhh...boot the wall

    • Its always BAD when you are not the victim of a crime and the perpetrator(s) is manhandled by the police. When it becomes you in the HOT seat you will cry foul and say the police aint working hard enough or the police should just K*&$&^ mate.

      We are all affected in some way by these criminal agents. We know alot about their operations and assist in habouring them. We all claim HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION when stuff like this goes down. How would you handle a situation like this?

      We all want to follow fashion with some other jurisdiction on how do deal with our criminals. What about our cultural ways and social behaviour?
      The US has all the right ways to deal with all types of criminals (on the books) and what happens next?
      What type of society is in the US? When we travel we conform to all. Why can't we be so i our society?

      Not all the time we should be byass.

  9. A warning to youll police that like to assault and have no respect. Just make sure youll kill me or my child after youll do what youll do because your entire generation will be wipped off this earth.

  10. There is way more criminal Activity than there is Police brutality in St. Lucia and those who scream Police brutality are those who hide the truth. A Cutlass can be used to do several things around ones house including your Garden but walking around with it concealed clearly states the intention. not saying what the police officer did was right but it the outcome could've been different had he not been caught. The above situation could've had a completely different outcome. Better a Whoop A** than getting killed.

  11. Good job officers

  12. Interrogation is all I see............don't come for me.

  13. Does it matter what the man did? This is not right. Who are we or the police officers to judge?

  14. it think they should charge the person who posted that video find something better to do with your time please.

  15. This is so very sad, these officers feel that they have the right to do whatever they can because they carry a badge, It's high time we start recording them when they out drinking, getting drunk with their uniforms or when they out with other ppl man and woman, my heart aches for the victim, I really hope his family steps in and teach them bats and lesson or else his dicks should be placed on a stone and do him exactly what he did to this man, you'll officer needs to stop eating dog food because you'll temper too high, sak saloop, look at them not one of them that came to the man's rescue and you telling me these people have family? That hurt me.

  16. U all quick to record and post when is the popo but u all never see when civilians are killed innocently.....

    • Yes they never see.

    • You wanna know why we never see it's because when we become witnesses the police don't protect or identities they so corrupt they tell the criminals who the witness is and on top of that they still treat u as a criminals. Police officers call us civilians. But remember once an officer twice a civilian

  17. Bare F--...the officer better remember he has children

  18. The Original Watcher

    So...who you gonna blame now? IMPACS and Kenny?
    And when my turn comes who shall I turn to? The same Police Force?

    No wonder the people take their justice IN HAND, which is apparent by comments on articles about young men being murdered and praised by their relatives as being " he was a good boy to me."

    The Saint Lucua Police Force goes about its business saying "I am the Law," which is WRONG. The police is NOT the arbiter of Law and Justice. They are an"arm of the Law" with particular regard to enforcement. THAT IS ALL. Did a Magistrate order the beating of this man with or without a cutlass? Doubtfull. Was he given a court hearing? Doubtfull.

    The police, by their actions and in-action, continue to drive upward the crime statistics regardless of their best efforts to the contrary. What are our young people to take away by this video...ask them.


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