Saint Lucia players capture attention of media in Nanjing

Saint Lucia players capture attention of media in Nanjing

They are not going to win a medal at this Youth Olympic Games, but they are a big example of what Olympic Spirit is all about.

Saint Lucia’s duo composed by Skye Destini Faucher Mondesir and Dala Diana Noel, have captured the attention of accredited media, and also conquered the curiosity of the Youth Information Service.

The Games are a sport celebration for the young athletes in Nanjing. As part of the main goals, there is the one that looks to rescue the fight and friendship spirit to the new generations, no matter where they come from.

Thus, the Caribbean players share their impressions with the YIS in Nanjing. “We used to play indoor volleyball, only when we heard about the chance of the games, and that indoor volleyball was not in the programme we did start training on the sand,” Noel said.

But it is not about matching another rival in front of the net. There are many factors that also play a very important role. Humidity, wind and weather have been a challenge for many of the players at Olympic Park.

However this didn’t stop the Caribbean duo to have a good start at the games, by winning two matches against Tuvalu and Nigeria. After that, they lost against María Rotti and Lia Fortunari, of Uruguay (7-21, 4-21) and Esra Betül Cetin and Selin Yurtsever of Turkey (11-22, 6-21).

Faucher Mondesir is only 16 years old and probably beach volleyball has not a great popularity as other sports despite having optimal places to practice it, like natural beaches. That is a big challenge for these youngsters.

“It is always a challenge for us to get the money to travel to competitions, although we also get a lot of help from the Federation. We don’t get much [funding], so we keep going thanks to supporters and fund-raising activities”, Faucher said.

Friendship value and camaraderie, are two great constant things preached in the Youth Olympic Games. They also constitute an extra element in this great adventure.

Both players are so different, and that’s why they complement each other.

“Skye is the loud one. If I hear her screaming I’ll jump and wake up, I would know that I have to focus,” Noel expressed about exchanging instructions on the court.

“Dala doesn’t speak much. I have to read her body language to know when she needs a boost,” Faucher Mondesir remarked.


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  1. @Palapata, maybe you have the cure for such a deadly virus but I don't. I am trying to preserve my life and that of others. Airport staff are singing my same song. Was I wrong to care for my well being??? If you reside in St. Lucia you know damn well that the Health Sector suck!


  2. Big up girls thanx 4 keeping the blue black yellow and white flying great job we praying 4 even more succes next time one love


  3. Did somebody say ebola??? Careful peeps, St. Lucia cant manage the chikungunya farless for the ebola....


  4. Well done ladies! Keep on pushing you will get there. The positive people in St.Lucia are proud of you.


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