Saint Lucia Olympic Committee president reports on state of affairs

Saint Lucia Olympic Committee president reports on state of affairs
SLOC officials at the head table along with National Federation representatives at Tuesday's Annual General Meeting of the SLOC.

SLOC officials at the head table along with National Federation representatives at Tuesday’s Annual General Meeting of the SLOC.
PRESS RELEASE – President of the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee (SLOC), Fortuna Belrose presented a report on the state of affairs and outlook of the Committee during its Annual General meeting held at the Palm Haven Hotel on Tuesday evening.

She said the (SLOC) functions in an environment where there are critical stakeholders who perform distinct roles.

” Government, which is focused on the creation of the policy and enabling environment promoting sports for all and grass roots programming and National Federations and Associations with a clear mandate to develop their sport well as facilitating the development of elite athletes and officials to manage and operate the sport, ” Belrose said.

She noted that National Federations have a responsibility to build capacity within themselves and island wide to enable the sport to take the root that is required.

” The Olympic Committee is focused on enhancing the quality of the environment with a focus on continuous training and exposure in programming for elite athletes and officials and more importantly, spreading the values of Olympism. Generally we can report that the relation between the SLOC and Government is sound, ” she added.

Belrose added: ” However, in looking at the relationship and involvement of Government with our member organisations we note that while the relationship is cordial, there was a call for re-registration of organizations. To date only 10 of our 20 members have heeded the call for registration as a national organisation. ”

She disclosed that the (SLOC) has engaged the International Olympic Committee on the need for good governance training for the membership, which should take place during the first quarter of 2015.

“I think it is fair to say that we all expect the SLOC to operate with the highest possible standards. And likewise the SLOC expects its membership to operate in a similar fashion. We recognize that some of our membership is weak and because of the impact their shortcomings can have on our organization we believe it is important to pay attention and address the issues, ” the SLOC chief added.

Speaking on the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games, Belrose stressed on Government’s commitment to the staging of the Games and expressed the expectation that the sports selected for the program will use the opportunity to strengthen their systems and approaches in delivering their sport.

“The SLOC is conscious that athletes are the main actors of sport and our responsibility is to facilitate them. But we cannot do this without the support of our membership – you the Federations who are the prime go-betweens. Simple request for reports on athletes progress in preparation for Games are difficult to produce. If we appreciate the athletes as we say we do we will first keep their agenda in focus and do all we have to ensure that they are never disenfranchised, ” she stressed.

Belrose announced that In an effort to ensure that athletes have a direct voice into the SLOC, there has been dialogue with the IOC on the formation of an Athletes Commission.

” At the moment we are awaiting feedback from the legal department on a draft constitution for the Athletes Commission. You would recall earlier this year we had a number of our Olympians and Commonwealth athletes engage the chair of the IOC’s Athletes commission Miss Claudia Borkel on issues related to their involvement in the movement,” she asserted.

Belrose added : “Even while we await the IOC, we have recognized the importance of the athletes and the various levels of support they require to achieve their goals. To this end we have developed a simple tool that will provide key details to us in making a decision on the level of support that is required to enable the athlete to realize his/her goals.



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