Saint Lucia offering up to 70% off holiday packages from the UK in new winter campaign

Saint Lucia offering up to 70% off holiday packages from the UK in new winter campaign

(PRESS RELEASE) — This winter, UK holidaymakers can take advantage of a new month-long promotion from the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA).

Running until the end of October, sun-seekers can book a holiday in Saint Lucia and enjoy some winter sun or book ahead for their summer holiday, saving up to 70%. There are 12 tour operators taking part, including Blue Bay Travel; Simply St Lucia; Trailfinders; Best At Travel; Classic Collection; Tropical Sky; Sackville Travel; Dial-a-Flight; ITC, Kenwood Travel; Caribtours and LetsGo2. This means there is a range of holidays on offer to suit all budgets and tastes.

The ‘Winter in Saint Lucia’ campaign has a dedicated-offers landing page,, on the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority’s website, featuring the 12 tour operators as the call to action.

SLTA UK Director, Patricia Charlery-Leon, said: “Every year we are able to offer fantastic savings at this time of year through our tour operator partners. Saint Lucia is perfect for a relaxing or active holiday so suits all tastes from families to honeymooners.”

The deals are supported by an extended consumer and trade advertising campaign from SLTA with press ads in The Times, Telegraph, Metro and Evening Standard alongside digital takeovers in The Times and Telegraph. Lifestyle magazines are also part of the buy with the increasingly important niche media including wedding, diving, birding, yachting and Diaspora media.

Other activations include outdoor billboards, radio and digital ads, consumer e-newsletters and social media postings.

For more information about Saint Lucia, visit or call 1-800-456-3984, or 1-888 4STLUCIA


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