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St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 4, 202219304 min

After publicly poking fun at the regulatory Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Council (SLMDC) and promising to pay its ten-thousand-dollar fine with “Monopoly Money”, Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose is having her day in court to have the SLMDC’s decision to suspend her medical license and fine of $10,000, for using and promoting Ivermectin for the treatment of Covid-19 infected people revoked.

The SLMDC’s decision to suspend Dr. St Rose’s medical license was influenced by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) position that Ivermectin is not a scientifically proven treatment for COVID-19, meaning that its efficacy has not been proven by clinical trials.

Prior to the SLMDC’s ruling, Dr. St Rose had disregarded warnings and calls to desist from using and promoting Ivermectin by Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Sharon Belmar Georges, and the Council’s Research and Ethics Committee.

Dr. St Rose, meanwhile, has found public support from a group calling itself ‘The Advocacy Group’, who have been engaged in public protest against the decision of the SLMDC.

Dr. St. Rose in a statement on February 8 denied breaking any regulations as charged and said she would be taking the matter before the court.

In her defense, she said she was simply using her “medical and professional autonomy in the use of an approved drug, using it off-label safely and efficaciously…” And claimed, she was charged “without sufficient evidence and investigation” and accused the Council of denying her “a fair hearing” and her “right to work”.
Her legal counsel had already filed an application to the High Court on December 30, 2021 for leave to file for Judicial Review.

The case is set for Friday, February 11 and the doctor’s lawyers are seeking a Court Order “mandating reinstatement” of her Practicing Certificate “with immediate effect” and a Declaration that the Council arrived at its conclusions “on the basis of illegality, irrationality and procedural impropriety.”

But if anyone thinks the doctor is in any way restrained by the Council’s decision and the health authorities’ insistence that her actions were in breach of regulations, she’s made it clear she will not be deterred.

She said (in her statement): “I will continue to reassure and educate my people of the effectiveness and safety of using Ivermectin among other measures to treat COVID-19 infection…”

The hearing is scheduled to be heard virtually at 11 am today February 11.

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