Saint Lucia last (again) at Windwards Games

Saint Lucia last (again) at Windwards Games

Saint Lucia finished fourth and last for the second year in a row as the Canadian Bank Note / Windward Islands Lotteries (CBN / WINLOTT) Windward Islands School Games concluded last weekend in Dominica.

Grenada repeated as champions, winning track and field, girls basketball and boys football for 39 points. Host nation Dominica won boys basketball and boys volleyball, finishing second on 33.

St Vincent and the Grenadines won girls netball and girls volleyball to finish third with 25 points. Saint Lucia finished no higher than third in any of the seven sports contested, and ended up with just 15 points.

Saint Lucia was third in track and field, just avoiding the cellar position. The same obtained in girls basketball, in spite of the forfeiture of their game against Grenada, and in boys basketball, notwithstanding the forfeiture of their game against Dominica.

In netball, Saint Lucia lost their three games by an average of 18 goals. The girls volleyball team passed 15 points twice in nine sets. The boys team was little better, despite having just finished second at the Eastern Caribbean Volleybal Association Youth Championships. In football, after a bright start, the team ended with two losses, giving up as many goals as they scored.

Among the individual awards, each team got Most Valuable Player trophies for the team sports. For Saint Lucia, Janell Mathurin won for netball; Pakel Gumbs for boysd basketball; Kamika President for girls basketball; Noah ‘Lucky’ Nicholas for football; Ryi Maryat for boys volleyball; and Kaitlyn Gillard for girls volleyball.
None of the Saint Lucian coaches were rewarded at the end of the tournament. Grenadian coaches in track and field, girls basketball and football were handed awards, along with two coaches each from Dominica and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Saint Lucia’s Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, which is directly responsible for preparing the island’s team, has yet to come out with any comment on the results, four days after the conclusion of the competition.


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  1. When you fail to prepare you fail to win. 238 square miles and we can't keep an inter school training squad together at least twice weekly from september to january and then three times weekly until the competition. On the question of coaches. A two week level one iaaf track and field course does not make you a coach. we need more competent and professional coaches ACCROSS ALL SPORTS. Didn't we just participate in the FIFA world cup UNDER 17 qualifiers. Is there a disconnect between the SLFA and the Ministry OF SPORTS. I am not surprised we lost all of our netball games by an average score of 18. St. Lucia does not have any qualified netball coaches TO SAY THE LEAST. When do we start? we need more support systems for the schools and the p.e. teachers to deliver. where are the incentives? Does the ministry of sport expect a p.e. to coach 4 days weekly from september to july, OK THEN......There must be constant supervision from the ministry's end if we are to become champions.

    Many of our student athletes are under privileged and the schools do not have the resources to deal with the majority of these situations. I strongly recommend a consultation on school sports with all stakeholders present in September of 2015. If we are to become champions at WindWard Island Games and produce better athletes overall, there must be a lot more planning and resources put towards it. We are all aware of the socio economic benefits of having successful professional athletes. Lets get to it! IF ITS NOT WORTH DOING WELL THEN IT IS NOT WORTH DOING AT ALL....!!


    • The consultation is a good idea, but what we really need is action! There is sooo much talk but very little action.


  2. I have stated before that years after years that we continue to make a mockery (was tempted to put "f" instead of "m") with sports in St Lucia. We continue to coach (mediocre) our potential athletes at the age of 14 years. The majority of our athletes do not go to the gym, which is very important in an athletes' life. I saw an 8 year old girl run during this year inter district primary school sports meet and I thought she was the fastest sprinter among all the girls from all age group, on that day. I met a relative of the child and asked whether any officials from AA came to talk to them about the child, and I was told "No" I was shocked. I was told by the relative that if the child was Jamaican, the government would have invested in her. Our Sports is going nowhere forward.


    • What school did the girl attend? The SLAA has trained literally scores of coaches. It's really not incumbent upon SLAA officials to identify potential athletes.


  3. These games are a waste of time and money. Traditionally, we've done well in volleyball, however, these games fall around the same time as the ECVA tournament and our better volleyball players go to that event instead. There is a lack of seriousness about the whole event from all sectors. We're doing the same things and expecting different results. The MYDS is not ready yet. I'm not sure what is going on there. Very little from that Ministry goes well, there needs to be some serious changes in that place along with some policy changes. When the budget was reduced, first person to go was a coach and one of the hardworking ones at that. That's not who I would have let go. It's disheartening finishing in the cellar position again!! Well, from some of the pics, it looks like the athletes had a lot of fun, despite the poor results, smh.


  4. I wonder why none of our coaches were not rewarded? i really thought we would have done better this year since i heard more specialist Athletes were selected. something really needs to be done. get back to the drawing board MYDS and fast.


  5. none of our Coaches were rewarded, but then again why reward them? i was hoping we would have done better this year, since i heard we selected more specialist athletes. mmmmmm. something need to be done.


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