Saint Lucia Labour Party elect deputy political leaders

Saint Lucia Labour Party elect deputy political leaders
Dr. Ernest Hilaire (left) and Hon. Shawn Edward
Dr. Ernest Hilaire (left) and Hon. Shawn Edward

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), on Saturday, September 28, 2019, held elections for two key positions on the SLP National Executive.

The election of deputy political leaders, which was conducted by secret ballot, saw Dr. Ernest Hilaire becoming 1st deputy political leader and Hon. Shawn Edward returning as 2nd deputy political leader.

The election of deputy political leaders is mandated by the SLP Constitution to take place immediately after a general election and repeated three years thereafter. The responsibility for the election of deputy political leaders resides in the Party’s National Council which comprises, National Executive members, Members of Parliament, chairpersons of all constituency groups and representatives of the SLP Women’s Organisation and the SLP’s Youth Organisation.

Welcoming the new and returning deputy political leaders, SLP Political Leader Hon. Philip J. Pierre said that with the election of deputies over, the work to rescue Saint Lucia from the most inept government ever to head this country, under Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, would continue to be the focus of the Saint Lucia Labour Party.

Speaking against the backdrop of a failed healthcare system, the political leader, said it is painful to watch the suffering of Saint Lucians, exposed even more in the last few days by the thousands who have descended on the two locations at the Cultural Center and OKEU grounds to take advantage of free medical care from the visiting United States Medical Crew of the US Comfort.

News of the very sick, incapacitated and young children having to cue sometimes overnight for an opportunity to see the visiting doctors is nothing but heartbreaking. The political leader said, the SLP having established a solid foundation for healthcare, it is unimaginable that Saint Lucia should have been allowed to get to where it is today — subjecting people to a medical lottery.

The political leader thanked the outgoing 1st Deputy Political Leader Hon. Alva Baptiste for his tremendous support and leadership in the last three years, during the consolidation of the SLP after the loss in the 2016 polls.

Hon. Pierre said with the election of deputy political leaders out of the way, the Party must intensify its efforts to make the case for a better Saint Lucia.

In October, the SLP will close the administrative year with the Annual Conference of Delegates. The open (public) session of the conference will be held on Sunday, October 13 at the Stanley Jon Odlum Secondary School and the closed (business) session will follow on Sunday, October 20.

Political Leader, Hon Philip J. Pierre is expected to use this year’s political leader’s address, to conference and to rally Labour members and supporters to continue the important work of preparing for General Elections constitutionally due in 2021. He will also announce the progress of the Party in the selection of candidates, and name those already confirmed.


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