Saint Lucia Labour Party Castries North Constituency Group to host Festival of Ideas

Saint Lucia Labour Party Castries North Constituency Group to host Festival of Ideas

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Saint Lucia Labour Party Castries North Constituency Group would like to invite all residents of Castries North to the launch of it Festival of Ideas at the Patricia D James Secondary School La Clery Castries on Sunday, November 24th 2019 from 2pm – 6pm.

The aim of the Festival of Ideas is to share and exchange Ideas for making Real Change in Castries North.

At this initial event presentations will be made by the following individuals, followed by opportunities for discussions, questions, suggestions and comments.

1. Ms. Finola Jennings Clark will present on Art, Culture and Development

2. Mr. Mark Hennecart will present on Housing and Urban Renewal; and

3. Mr. Samuel Bowers will present on the Role of housing association in building Strong, Safe and Resilient Communities.

We live in times of great challenges that include the threats of Climate Change, rising Crime and anti-social behaviour along with a long period of stagnant wages and increasing numbers of the working poor.

We hope to explore ideas that can bring about Real Change. For example, how we can ensure that that children in Castries North can attain a proficiency in the Arts and Culture by age 12. Concerning housing, how we can ensure that the residents of Castries North benefit from the opportunities for renewing the housing stock in Castries and the Renewal of the City of Castries.

The Festival of Ideas will also seek to develop a “bottom up” approach to developing public policy around financing affordable housing and transforming the Nation housing Corporation to make it more relevant to the needs of the residents of Castries Norths and especially given the experience of the former La Clary CDC residents.

For example, in our discussion, we will be exploring the role housing Association can play in building Strong, Safe and Resilient Communities. Participants will consider ideas around the use of Mortgage Repayment Insurance as an approach to providing increase security for home buyers in a flexible labour market and a source for financing affordable housing and urban renewal by reforming the organisations and institution charged with the missions to create affordable housing in Sant Lucia.

The SLP Castries North Constituency Group is a movement for Real Change. All residents are invited, and you don’t have to be a supporter of member of the Saint Lucian Labour Party to attend. The ideas is to bring people together to consider options for Real Change in Castries North and by extension Saint Lucia.


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