‘Saint Lucia is for all of us, not some’ — Gros Islet Highway coconut vendors refuse to relocate

‘Saint Lucia is for all of us, not some’ — Gros Islet Highway coconut vendors refuse to relocate
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(SNO) — Coconut vendors along the Gros Islet Highway are making it clear that they do not intend to move to a new location as dictated by the Gros Islet Constituency Council (GICC).

The GICC placed no-vending signs along the highway and police showed up in the area on Tuesday, but the vendors were defiant and put up their own signs.

One read, ‘Saint Lucia is for all of us, not some’ while another said, ‘Tax incentive to Ojolab, EC$24 millin to Sandals, no incentives for the poor man’ — and still another said, ‘We must survive in our country’.

Sylvester Clifford, a vendor, told reporters that the whole thing is being done for big businesses.

He said in creole that the big and the small are supposed to live together and one cannot survive without the other.

Concerns have been raised over vending in the area and a compromise was reached to have the vendors relocated in Bois D’orange.

One vendor told HTS that toilets and shelters were promised in the new location but nothing has been done.

“And they just want us to move, so we not moving,” she stated.

The vendors claim that their livelihood is now at stake.

“There is no foot traffic, there is no mall, you are not going to sell,” the vendor stated. “Not everyone wants the coconut water in a bottle, they want the coconut itself and there are people who work around and they come to buy their coconut every day.”

At this point, it is unknown what will be the next move of the GICC.


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  1. Very sad..........We care more about hotels than our own people..........These are people who are just trying to make an honest living............Let them be.


  2. We purchased roast chicken and crap every day at those cooking booths in Gros islet do they have bathrooms, are they paying taxes how much money they make .infact the minister incharge of Gros Islet is responsible to help the poor if there is a real need to help those poor people please do educated reassess their social ills there is a vagrant that sleeps in the Gros islet bus shelter for over a year now please give him all this attention.


  3. Location is critical to any business, Sandals builds his resorts on the warm,calm Caribbean Sea coast instead of the cold and rough Atlantic because that's what his customers prefer. There are loads of businesses at Rodney Bay Village because of the Marina and all the rich people have moved to that area. So why are there people who do not understand the simple plight of these vendors?

    Less customers mean less income and less income lowers ones ability to provide for themselves and their dependents (the rich never see those that the working class hold up which also includes them). Like any organism they will die or adapt. Not all will choose to go home and die but would rather find other ways to supplement that lost income whether by legal or illegal means, if not them selves,those that depend on them will.

    The Herp-per-pers will not understand this plight because they only see the superficial and trivial issue of having the vendors in the area rather than the economic impact of moving will have on these vendors and those that rely on them. These vendors are making an honest living, they pay VAT like all of us do and are children of this land; they deserve better.

    The aristocrat will never understand the struggle of the poor, the Nouveau riche and the middle class will pretend not to.


  4. Remove them. Ask your self...where do they go to use the bathroom (in the bush across the road). Where do they wash their hands after? Who is to blame when someone falls sick or dies from contaminated water..??? Thats right the government authority that should have removed them in the first place. Just because they are dressed in rags doesnt mean they are poor! They make good money and pay NO TAXES.


    • HOLD YOUR ASS !!! They make good money and they pay NO TAXES HOW YOU KNOW THAT ??? So tired of all of you all in the diaspora who like to sit wherever you are and bash the country. Did you not read the EU Report two days ago where it was revealed Foreign Companies in St Lucia pays ZERO TO ONE PERCENT while local pays the equivalent OF 30% in TAXES so now in insight of this what is your take on this matter deck deck ??? Did you not read that they were promise washrooms??? POOR PEOPLE have to make a living when we not doing nothing they accuse us of robbing and stealing. Boss just clean up after yourselves I don't like to see the mess just keep the place clean and orderly pass thru and check the I later this is our country and we not running away from it and sit behind keyboards from a foreign land and criticize it Chastnaet giving it away for nothing we have to survive


      • Simple solutions..instead of having the govt funding/finding new businesses to start...wat bout helping legitimize existing companies by goin to them and starting with the basics of finances and how to track resources and how to make it work out. Have had my own business since 03 and know what I am speaking of. Used my country’s resources and it worked. Has to be there to work yes but why are ur ppl helpling the obvious so when s#*t hits the fan they will be secure. When you visit it’s a requirement in stl and needs to remain in important places like where they are. and of all the govt NEEDs ya understand that before it become an old thing that used to happen cause no one set it up. There has to be a commitment by govt...bless


    • Wack

      It looks like you got one side brain. You talking about cleanness which may be true but have you ever think of their female and how they surviving. Probably their kids are suffering!!!!!!

      looks like you have the idea of let the rich get richer and let the poor suffer. Money talks don't it

      when you talk about TAX they shouldn't pay tax because they do not get no fertilities. Not even a area/spot for them to sell for them to live.

      People like you who thinks you better then the poorer. Probably a little office job you get you think you better


  5. The argument about not moving and citing racism and is foolish. The place does not belong to the vendors and the probably not paying to vend their goods. The Gros Islet Constiturncy Council made a mistake in the aporoach that was taken to remove the vendor from the present location. It seems there was no prior talks and preparation, only ad hoc decision. The matter can be corrected if the Gros Islet Constituency Council secures a place that is large and accessible as the permanent market. Thiis place should be beautified and have necessary facilities and a name: The "Gros Islet Coconut Vending Market (GICVM). This exclusive or dedicated site for this activity shoould resolve the problem once and for all.


  6. Leave the coconut sellers alone. That is a big part of the Caribbean experience and everyone likes a freshly picked cool coconut water.


    • You obviously know nothing. Most of those coconuts are picked at least a week in advance and sit on the ground before being transported for sale.


    • To be honest I love visiting St. Lucia. On my last visit last year, I enjoyed nothing more than getting some fresh coconut water at Gros Islet where I was staying. It was particularly appreciated because we had basically lost all coconut production after the devastation on Huricane Maria in my country.

      I truly hope that an amicable solution is arrive at and that I can still get some fresh coconut water at Gros Islet on my next visits.


  7. Yes, some of us love to be entrepreneurs but presentation is also a huge part of it…it’s not just about making the money but what kind of service are you giving your customers. If this is your daily bread, have some form of pride in doing it. We pay top dollar when eating at a fancy restaurant, not just for the food but the experience, location, presentation and good customer service. So please have some pride in what you do, the customers will love it…One love


  8. What wrong with Bois d orange again is there toilet facilities no does Rodney Bay have no so what's the problem now?


  9. Welcome to St. Lucia. The land where anyone can do whatever they want without consequence. Sure you want to hustle but you vendors are causing a problem in the area. And that's what happens when Government don't act. You allow one to do it others will follow if you don't stop the first.


  10. Well, In every situation, before a decision can be concluded, every points has to be taken into consideration that all parties involved will benefit.


  11. A coconut layby should be created to allow smooth flows of traffic. Licenses should be had. Vendors should be fined and licenses revoked for leaving the place untidy at the day's end.

    Everybody benefits. Those who constructed the layby, those who want to buy. Those who wish pass without a traffic hazard, the health hazard of rodents and other unsanitary conditions.


  12. Hahaha , what we voted for is what we are getting today. Well done Chastanet, Negroes are afraid of Whites. If you think I am wrong just check King, Spider, Estaphane and Sarah.


  13. Always making it hard for the poor people who are hustling and they wonder why some of the youth turn to a life of crime. Whenever local entrepreneurs try to hustle in Rodney Bay they are always shuttling away for big business. For example the chicken vans outside by Rodney bay mall was moved to Bonn Terre gap.


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