Saint Lucia implementing Energy Transition Strategy

Saint Lucia implementing Energy Transition Strategy

PRESS RELEASE – The Government of Saint Lucia through the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology is moving steadfast to implement the National Energy Policy (NEP).

The NEP provides the appropriate policy and legislative environment, to utilize greater renewable energy to the extent possible.

The aim is to lower the cost and price volatility of electricity and to reduce Saint Lucia’s dependence on imported oil.

In pursuit of the island’s energy target, Government has recognised the critical need to understand the current grid system on the island and the availability to integrate renewable energy sources.

As a result government has sourced consultancy services from the Carbon War Room and the World Bank to investigate the island-wide grid system and potential scenarios for deeper renewable penetration with collaboration from the lone electricity provider St. Lucia Electricity Services Ltd (LUCELEC).

On Wednesday July 8, 2015 key stakeholders involved in Saint Lucia’s energy transition will meet for a one-day workshop to share results from current studies and align knowledge to ensure agreement upon a process to support St. Lucia in its energy transition.

This process is supported by the Carbon War Room and Meister Consultants Group.

Saint Lucia is seeking to achieve renewable energy target of 35% renewable energy generation by the year 2020.

Government is committed to creating a sustainable energy future and to begin using more of the island`s indigenous energy resources.


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  1. Read the budget which presented months ago. It gives a more in depth analysis of the situation.


  2. Is there really such a legislation? I also learned od one that prevents lucellec from giving free electricity to school.. Start by removing them.. I totally agree


  3. Why not rescind the stupid legislation that requires one to absolutely have to connect to lucelec despite wanting to be off grid.


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