Saint Lucia Immigration Department refusing service to persons who dress inappropriately

By SNO Staff

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Wearing cut-up jeans (left) and short pant (right) will result in you being denied service at the Immigration Department.

(SNO) – Dressing scantily clad or in short pants won’t guarantee you a faster service at Saint Lucia’s Immigration Department. In fact, the department is refusing service to persons who dress inappropriately.

But turning away persons because of this is not something the head of immigration, Assistant Superintendent Sean Alexander and his staff like doing, hence he’s sending an appeal to people visiting the department to dress appropriately.

In an interview with HTS, Alexander said people need to be mindful that the department is a government office.

“… We would like persons to refrain from coming to the office in short pants, cut-up jeans and spaghetti straps, and these kinds of things. You need to be properly clad. We don’t want to refuse persons service, but if you come that way, then we will have no choice but to ask you to go and get dressed properly,” he told HTS.

He added: “I mean, just imagine, you have to interview somebody for a first-time applicant, or a lost passport and you are in an office with somebody, a female who dress you know, scantily clad, it doesn’t portray a good image. I personally have refused to see persons in my office dressed that way. And the rest of the staff is now doing the same. So I just want to appeal to them, they need to be mindful of that.”

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force’s central Immigration Department is located at the Lamar Building on Bridge Street, Castries.

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  1. Rules are rules and should be applied to everyone! I was sent to get "dressed" ,while other persons were given a service , the person before me was dressed practically the same way as I was. If there are rules it should be applied to everyone not just some persons. No Waivers and Favors!

  2. As much as I agree with the immigration office wanting persons to dress appropriately for interviews etc. Before they can start refusing to see persons and not provide them with the services that they are lawfully authorised to receive. This must be made into a law and then be enforced. It shouldn't be done just because the people at the department decided that's what they want to do. This is wrong. That's my opinion.

  3. For those of you that are up in arms about this, you're all just being ridiculous. Acting like you're asked to do something that is such a task. Is wearing a shirt with sleeves and pants/skirts the does not ride you butt cheeks and has not been ripped and distressed such a hardship? Because that's all it is.
    What's the big deal?
    Y'all have the mindsets of failures plain and simple. Never seeing the bigger picture.

  4. 60 Homicides In 2017 and we are worried about dress code...

  5. I understand St. Lucia is tropical, but business is business and should have a dress code. that pants should to for liming the streets or night club not to conduct business. please people be real! give the government office some respect.

  6. While I may not personally agree with this if there is a dress code in effect you must follow it. I was in Guyana recently and my female need to wear a shirt of her top just to get a form from a ministry building.

  7. Upgrade De immigration department

    Saint Lucia is a tropical island why are we forced to wear long pants to an interview. Why why please tell me why

  8. Upgrade de immigration department

    Is this 2018 or 1820? Got to find out because this is some real madness. I can't believe so many people on here supporting this. The forcus of the immigration should be to better serve the public and to Find a more comfortable and spacious locations which provides a good waiting area. If an interviewing officer has a problem with a woman's spaghetti top then he is a pervert and need to find another job. We spend too much time focusing on an individual rather than the actual reason the person is there. No one should not be forced to dress in any specific way for service from the public service or any gorverment establishment. I saw this sign saying. You won't get service if you have excessive and long chains. Are we slaves ? So you don't have the freedom to express yourself as you please. I've always said immigration should not be attached to the royal saint Lucia police force needs to be a separate entity. Until then it will always be runned like a force rather them a service.

  9. Typical of our people to find an issue or problem with this. Some of us never see the bigger picture, complaining will never get us anywhere and doesn't change the price of coffee! I agree with this 100% ..

  10. Oh and don't forget the officers will be on duty for carnival too. Jeans and long sleeves only please.

  11. Every country have their rules and regulations in Canada I don't know any dress codes for entering immigration building or obtaining a passport I know you're not allowed to take any pictures in the government building I probably will not dress in cut up jeans to a government building will leave that for hanging out with friends but I don't see anything wrong with a guy going in with a free quarter jeans as for the women we can leave our sexy dressing for the club

  12. That was long overdue some women dress like they are going to the beach

  13. How is a spaghetti strap blouse disrespectful? If the woman's breasts are exposed yes. But the blouse itself causes no disrespect. It is how it is worn. Same with cut off jeans. What disrespect is the clothing bringing? A man can go with a three piece suit and tie and disrespect you in the Queen's English without using a foul or disrespectful word. We need to be more mature, professional, open minded, objective and remain focused on the true objective, which is the service provided by government officers. If the people's private parts are exposed keep them out, if not ....say thank God that is not your style, serve them and move on. Let us grow up!

  14. What is this rubbish???
    Unless you put a lawful dress code into place to enforce, ( which by the way I would still think is ridiculous, this is 2018, not 1918 ) you cannot dictate someone elses dress code to receive service, unless they're nak*d of course. They are not turning it to work after all.
    Of all the things they could enforce, that's what they choose to tackle?

    • Bet you won't go to Barbados skimpy dressed to aquire a US visa

      • I never dress " skimpy/trashy ", comfortable, but tasteful.
        This is the tropics, as long as your privates are not exposed/hanging out, I don't get this crap about enforcing a particular dress code. These officers should be more focused on acting more professionally, doing their job more efficiently and keeping their wandering eye for their significant other.

    • Maybe that's why in 1918 we had less crime. There was control then.

  15. he said imagine interviewing a woman who wearing spaghetti strap top for the first time. Fella sound like he have rapist in him. So you cannot interview a lady in a spaghetti top and not concentrate? or a fella in short pants? where he think he is? I thought this was the caribbean? So wait, to get your passport renewed in st lucia you have to buy clothes to do so? or wear a suit? or shirt and tie? this is absolute nonsense. I can understand that ther is a line, but this man sounds like a fool.

  16. But wait...... what is the correlation between getting a passport and the way someone is dressed. STOP IT. If you want to do something with your time Go tackle: HOMELESSNESS< CRIME> This has to stop... No freedom of expression.

  17. You can't wear short pants in a tropical island?! They dunno how hot Castries is?! Wow?! We have regressed back to being an 1800s English colony.

    And what exactly is scantily clad and how does that affect your job performance, Mr Alexander? Control your penis and process our damn applications.
    Maybe that's why the lines are so slow, you're recovering from all the eye candy you are subjected to daily? Hogwash!

  18. I personaly see that as crap its not part of your job to sexualize women based off what they wear. Youre job is to provide a service smh

  19. WAIT...we re in 2018...Right?

    • Not for some of these old timers. Here is six month pay go home enjoy redundancy yu'll been here too dam long.

  20. Typical slavery mentality.

    • Well said ! Pure uncle Tom and Massa's AND THEY PROUD OF IT TOO. All now they still running half days like they don't know half days is tied to slavery. Backward ever forward never.

  21. Aa..alay shay all want power over anything and everything..alay Shay tan

  22. If you'll mind were set on you'll job then you'll would not be tempted wen female's walk in your t hat the only ting you all want corrected..alay fey a round..statr with your home first....Shate. You all think you'll have power over everything and everyone..alay eye Shay..

  23. Theh shud banned thid untidy cut jeans.the shorts is ok but i agree government buildings doctor offices church you need to dress proper this can is fo the club

    • "We The People" the taxes payers pays the government. This building belong to "We The People" so in earnest it's the public space of John Public so just stop your crap granny. No one challenge these fools, they say and do what the like and people just accept it. St Lucia is not a Police State. This is unconstitutional, and can be easily defeated by whosoever has the balls. (Yours Truly)

      • Kudos!
        Well said. Citizens need to push back against this crap.
        These officers are too embolden to even be voicing out loud that they won't serve citizens if they don't meet their personal dress code criteria. Pure rubbish.

  24. Its about time some of the islands have this sort of dress code, it's really a shame how some women dress slutly and disgrace themself.

    • That's why the other islands are ahead.

      • Hello almost all gov building in ST KITTS have dress know why ppl will go in the offices in slippers.. roller sets etc.. parents would come to principal's office in short shorts..some don't even wear bras ..

  25. 🌍The shitstem is rigged🌋

    WAIT.....have anyone observe the state of the building they housed in?they need getting that refurbish too!small space always cant even form a straight line in a group of 5 it has to L then the service is always snail speed.them ppl just wanna exercise an authority like some communism country when we are actually the the ballot boxes reject ppl in cut up jeans and skimpy outfits too?it has to start there or them immigration police might just STFU cuz this is definitely against our fundermental rights.

  26. I eh why a woman hadda dress with the edge of her private parts revealed...

    Are you THAT thirsty for attention?

  27. I totally agree... in Barbados i went to immigration with a jean with only one cut at knee level n they refused me yes i totally agree..dress properly its a government building....

    • That's the problem with us in st. Lucia. Everything is a problem but when we go to another countries they will tell us bend, twist, open all our crevice and we do cuz we think their country better than us. Can't we do anything respectfully and just move on. It is a few hours to get something done. That takes nothing from you to wear a proper top and proper pants. We fight against all bullshit not with fighting yet still never stand together against the things that are actually affecting us.

    • Hahaha that's not why you got denied. You were inadmissible that's all. You did not meet your criteria to be admitted don't blame it on cut up jeans. You had no valid reason or financial support for your stay

  28. Seriously so someone has to tell others that there's a time and place for everything. Dress properly it's business. Then again not all of us were raised the same. Lucians again.

  29. In110% agreement. I know of one school principal who already adopted the stance of refusing to engage mothers who visit the school while scantily clad. Perhaps this article will encourage other service establishments to follow suit. It is high time Saint Lucians learn to dress appropriately. Save the partial nudity for private viewing, the beaches, clubbing and carnival activities. It is truly disgraceful to see grown women in particular, conforming to these standards of fashion. Speaking from a woman's perspective, there are few things more tasteless to me, than women in particular, who while on the job, expose their cleavage and thighs. There is a time and place for everything. We live in such an overly sexualized world, its no wonder our youth are so misguided. The guilty parties transcend all levels of society within the public and private sectors and the general populace. From senior management to line employees, educators to medical staff. Cover up!

    • "It's high time St Lucians learn to dress appropriately" Are you buying my clothes ? If the government want to spend money for my clothes then you can talk. As long it's my hard earn salary buying my clothes I will wear what I dam well please or not pleasing to your eyes. Mind your business.

      • Every instution has a dress code ..get over yourself

      • Aint frighten fuh a fellah

        Then yuh wouldn't get any service until yuh dress appropriately. If you had to interview someone for a customer service job and they came in the office wearing booty rider shorts and a bikini top are you going to interview them and give them the job? Get a frigging grip. De government dont pay for nobody personal clothes but the fact that you think you right to flout a simple request for appropriate dress makes me wonder how you does instill.values and respect for your present or future children. I hope when they disobey you because they think your rules are archaic and stupid you can handle it

    • Schools without borders

      Okay, so what about the school kids going to school with flip-flops, both boys and girls. I am very amazed to see this type of slackness where Principals set the rules as far as school uniforms are concerned.

  30. Only in backward st lucia! DEM very easily distracted... Zafeh moun!

  31. As a player,I agree. Cover url cocoon. There's a time and place for everything. If I working in any office n women walk in like this I'll b distracted from work. I'll surely give paperwork but it comes with terms & condition

  32. All of you'll talking there. So you going for an interview u don't know u have to dress properly. To get a U.S. visa they don't tell you how to dress but you sure as hell won't go there in cut up jeans and shorts without they telling you so. Come on Saint Lucian raise you'll standards you'll looking silly I'm those comments.

    • When you are going for a U.S. Visa they don't tell you how to dress because it's not a prerequisite to obtain a visa you dumb ass. So many goes to Barbados everyday well tidy and stush with a tick tock in their mouth and get turn down.

  33. i like it cause it seems yall didnt get proper training when yall were children on how to dress especially the females. they should do this in all departments. yall dont see this as embarrassing for people to tell yall as adults how to dress appropriate

  34. [email protected] Com

    It was about time, some st.Lucian are too nasty and know kind of respect for them self and others.

    I love it, respect that

  35. dont give a shit

    people think is carnival every day dressing how u want every thing has its place have pride in yourself u going to a place of business dress appropriately no 1 should have to say that if the workers came like that u would have a problem no 1 care where u going to before or after but when u walk into my office you will dress appropriately that goes for everywhere u go so it's only a backward person would say and think u can dress like that to go there it's not around the shop u going that's why most of u get no where

  36. This is B S some people just want to impose their personal belief on others this what start detectaship thank God am not in st Luca

    • *Dictatorship*
      A personal belief that you should dress appropriately? Would you attend a wedding in cutoffs or attend for an interview in beach wear? Time and place for everything dear

  37. Maybe we should get a good lawyer to challenge the government

  38. Indiscipline leads to lawlessness. Good way to start law enforcement.

  39. is there a dress code for attending government offices?

  40. Smfh.. So ppl have to dress appropriately just to come to the building so wt if we have plans on going else where after... That's petty stuff chooooopz.. Hold y'all.................... Thank u...

    • you not making sense cause i am sure as hell sure that you would never dress like this to go to a place like this in the states is only here yall have no respect. also i am sure as hell sure that if you had to go to a job interview and you had to do something after, you sure as hell would not show up like this in a job interview and you would had a change of clothes for what else that you had to do after. with the crap you talking about there

  41. Are you guys serious? Looks like we going to visit queen Elizabeth for permission. Urll are a bunch of jokers. Uphold the law ur selves.

  42. Good luck with that one, you will be getting lots of discrimination law suits. Can't just make up whatever time you want because you don't agree with what someone is wearing. Hey if anyone needs a good lawyer let me know.

    • In Antigua there is a dress code if you are doing business with Government institution and it must be adhered to. I see nothing wrong with that.

      • II AGREED

      • Where not antigua. We are st.lucia. Yall like to compare too much. And yes they should recieve alof of law suits for discrimination. Especially something which isnt a law or procedure and they just taking matters into their own hands. Its WRONG!

        • this is not being negative to what you wrote, so, because we are in St. Lucia our standards should drop. "seriously". people I see this as a change to the betterment of Lucian...we are setting the standards not just for us and our kids but visitors that show no respect to our island. we need to stop looking as far as our noses and start looking ahead at the bigger picture. stop thinking about ya"ll selves "what about the KIDS"

        • what DISCRIMINATION my ass. so yall want to go anywhere bloody naked? people are sick and tired of yall disgusting dressing its a damn business place and not a flipping party so get that through yall thick damn skulls and regardless this is not in Antigua it does not matter where it is but what matters is the principle behind it. yall have no morals no sense of damn pride and respect for yall self and at the end want people to respect yall. before anyone gives yall some form of correction yall just like the gays and lesbians and quick to jump on discrimination.

        • It's the despicable mindset and attitude of people like you that festers even in our schools, where kids feel like they are under no obligation to abide by dress codes and end up tailoring uniforms to their liking. It's time that we as a people realize the value of discipline in all aspects of our lives.

    • I agreed

    • Make sure there is a section in you'll hand book on attire for the public at you'll office. Unless that is in place Nothing can be enforced far less implemented.


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