Saint Lucia Immigration Department refusing service to persons who dress inappropriately

Saint Lucia Immigration Department refusing service to persons who dress inappropriately
Wearing cut-up jeans (left) and short pant (right) will result in you being denied service at the Immigration Department.
Wearing cut-up jeans (left) and short pant (right) will result in you being denied service at the Immigration Department.

(SNO) – Dressing scantily clad or in short pants won’t guarantee you a faster service at Saint Lucia’s Immigration Department. In fact, the department is refusing service to persons who dress inappropriately.

But turning away persons because of this is not something the head of immigration, Assistant Superintendent Sean Alexander and his staff like doing, hence he’s sending an appeal to people visiting the department to dress appropriately.

In an interview with HTS, Alexander said people need to be mindful that the department is a government office.

“… We would like persons to refrain from coming to the office in short pants, cut-up jeans and spaghetti straps, and these kinds of things. You need to be properly clad. We don’t want to refuse persons service, but if you come that way, then we will have no choice but to ask you to go and get dressed properly,” he told HTS.

He added: “I mean, just imagine, you have to interview somebody for a first-time applicant, or a lost passport and you are in an office with somebody, a female who dress you know, scantily clad, it doesn’t portray a good image. I personally have refused to see persons in my office dressed that way. And the rest of the staff is now doing the same. So I just want to appeal to them, they need to be mindful of that.”

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force’s central Immigration Department is located at the Lamar Building on Bridge Street, Castries.


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  1. Rules are rules and should be applied to everyone! I was sent to get "dressed" ,while other persons were given a service , the person before me was dressed practically the same way as I was. If there are rules it should be applied to everyone not just some persons. No Waivers and Favors!


  2. As much as I agree with the immigration office wanting persons to dress appropriately for interviews etc. Before they can start refusing to see persons and not provide them with the services that they are lawfully authorised to receive. This must be made into a law and then be enforced. It shouldn't be done just because the people at the department decided that's what they want to do. This is wrong. That's my opinion.


  3. For those of you that are up in arms about this, you're all just being ridiculous. Acting like you're asked to do something that is such a task. Is wearing a shirt with sleeves and pants/skirts the does not ride you butt cheeks and has not been ripped and distressed such a hardship? Because that's all it is.
    What's the big deal?
    Y'all have the mindsets of failures plain and simple. Never seeing the bigger picture.


  4. I understand St. Lucia is tropical, but business is business and should have a dress code. that pants should to for liming the streets or night club not to conduct business. please people be real! give the government office some respect.


  5. While I may not personally agree with this if there is a dress code in effect you must follow it. I was in Guyana recently and my female need to wear a shirt of her top just to get a form from a ministry building.


  6. Saint Lucia is a tropical island why are we forced to wear long pants to an interview. Why why please tell me why


  7. Is this 2018 or 1820? Got to find out because this is some real madness. I can't believe so many people on here supporting this. The forcus of the immigration should be to better serve the public and to Find a more comfortable and spacious locations which provides a good waiting area. If an interviewing officer has a problem with a woman's spaghetti top then he is a pervert and need to find another job. We spend too much time focusing on an individual rather than the actual reason the person is there. No one should not be forced to dress in any specific way for service from the public service or any gorverment establishment. I saw this sign saying. You won't get service if you have excessive and long chains. Are we slaves ? So you don't have the freedom to express yourself as you please. I've always said immigration should not be attached to the royal saint Lucia police force needs to be a separate entity. Until then it will always be runned like a force rather them a service.


  8. Typical of our people to find an issue or problem with this. Some of us never see the bigger picture, complaining will never get us anywhere and doesn't change the price of coffee! I agree with this 100% ..


  9. Oh and don't forget the officers will be on duty for carnival too. Jeans and long sleeves only please.


  10. Every country have their rules and regulations in Canada I don't know any dress codes for entering immigration building or obtaining a passport I know you're not allowed to take any pictures in the government building I probably will not dress in cut up jeans to a government building will leave that for hanging out with friends but I don't see anything wrong with a guy going in with a free quarter jeans as for the women we can leave our sexy dressing for the club


  11. How is a spaghetti strap blouse disrespectful? If the woman's breasts are exposed yes. But the blouse itself causes no disrespect. It is how it is worn. Same with cut off jeans. What disrespect is the clothing bringing? A man can go with a three piece suit and tie and disrespect you in the Queen's English without using a foul or disrespectful word. We need to be more mature, professional, open minded, objective and remain focused on the true objective, which is the service provided by government officers. If the people's private parts are exposed keep them out, if not ....say thank God that is not your style, serve them and move on. Let us grow up!


  12. What is this rubbish???
    Unless you put a lawful dress code into place to enforce, ( which by the way I would still think is ridiculous, this is 2018, not 1918 ) you cannot dictate someone elses dress code to receive service, unless they're nak*d of course. They are not turning it to work after all.
    Of all the things they could enforce, that's what they choose to tackle?


      • I never dress " skimpy/trashy ", comfortable, but tasteful.
        This is the tropics, as long as your privates are not exposed/hanging out, I don't get this crap about enforcing a particular dress code. These officers should be more focused on acting more professionally, doing their job more efficiently and keeping their wandering eye for their significant other.