Saint Lucia hosts meeting of Caribbean Francophonie Institutions

Saint Lucia hosts meeting of Caribbean Francophonie Institutions

(GIS) — The annual meeting of the Caribbean Network of Francophonie Institutions was held this week at the Auberge Seraphine Hotel.

The meeting provided an opportunity for discussions on matters of mutual interest and cooperation.

Chief among them was the use of available avenues by Saint Lucians and other Francophonie nations for development at the national and individual levels.

Marcia Symphorien, the secretary general of the National Commission for UNESCO, said: “The language barrier in terms of the language of communication which is French, hinders us from accessing funding and resources, and engaging fully with the work of the organization in terms of participating in high level meetings. So this is one of the things we plan to discuss in terms of ensuring that the organization is more embracing of the multi-linguistic realities of member states. It is a discussion that has to be had. Saint Lucia is not the only member state affected. Dominica is in a similar situation.”

She suggested the use of creole at the meetings, adding that the issue of language is not unique to Saint Lucia and warrants a holistic approach.


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