Saint Lucia home fetches hefty US$15-million price tag

Saint Lucia home fetches hefty US$15-million price tag
Fredrik Eklund

(SNO) — A house in Saint Lucia has been raising a few eyebrows in the real estate world because of its hefty US$15-million price tag.

The property, which forms part of Sugar Beach Viceroy Resort in Soufriere, was featured by Fredrik Eklund on his Emmy-nominated hit television series “Million Dollar Listing: New York” on Bravo TV, recently.

Eklund is a real estate entrepreneur, television personality and bestselling author, who regularly breaks sales records. It is reported that he closed real estates sales at $1 billion in 2018.

As expected, the property in Saint Lucia comes with all the amenities associated with such a high price, including a secluded beachfront locale, a dramatic outdoor terrace and pool, and moorings for yachts.

It also boasts round-the-clock pampering with butler service, concierge, personal chef, spa, and anything else one might desire.

According to Bravo, that home has stunning views of Val des Pitons, two volcanic spires that are so incredibly beautiful they were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. It contains five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and is spread across 125 acres of tropical.

It has an infinity pool and close by are two white sand beaches.

Each bedroom has private terraces with outdoor showers.

The living spaces have natural stone floors and the custom-designed Italian kitchen features appliances by Gaggenau and Miele.

It appears only the super rich can afford such home.


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  1. Some people are mourning how the very rich and famous are buying up property
    in St. Lucia. No one is saying that with such, they are also providing a bit of work
    for some. My fore parents once owned property adjacent to that same development
    and my father after his retirement sold his share to a cousin, and the rest is history.
    Seventy years ago, $20K was a lot of money to a retiree. Dat soon gone, and so it was
    until we today are like the Moose standing surprised on the Highway, blinded by bright
    vehicle lights in its eyes, so shocked, don't know where to go or what to say, so we
    complain. Go to Hawaii and say that to the natives, or to Nevada and complain about
    Las Vegas and to Las Palmas. the far Cousin who bought from my Dad did nada to his.


  2. As a St lucian living day to day in my country I just have to shake my head and wonder we really giving away our country


  3. As great as it seems that this property fetched $15 million USD, if this new trend persists with foreigners buying private houses in Saint Lucia, what will ultimately happen is that property surrounding these areas will increase significantly in value. The ultimate result will be Saint Lucians will not be able to afford purchasing property in their own country, thus a significant part of the population will not be able to afford descent housing.


  4. yup only the super rich can afford this thats why most of our beaches are being sold to foreigners whilst we minding people business and fighting each other down when one tries to move up in life instead of helping each other to move up the ladder and all that is saint lucian is sold to foreigners


    • Amen. Preach my brother preach your words are the gospel truth. Happy Independence day to you and yours stay bless.


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