Saint Lucia held, St. Vincent win on WIFA opening night

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines versus Grenada. Photo credit: Anthony Debeauville

The 2015 Windward Islands Football Association Men’s Championship got underway on Tuesday evening at the Philip Marcellin Grounds in Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines beat Grenada 3-2 in the opening match. The winning team went ahead through Emerald George in the 34th minute. Shane Rennie equalised for Grenada through a brilliant free-kick in the 39th.

Myron Samuel scored in the 76th minute to restore the St Vincent and the Grenadines lead. Three minutes later, Rennie scored his second to even things out.

Rennie was shown a red card in the 84th minute, having seen a yellow in the 53rd. That second infraction was committed in the box, leading to a Myron Samuel penalty conversion that gave St. Vincent and the Grenadines all three points.

For St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dorren Hamlet was shown a second yellow in the 90th minute, as both teams ended the match with 10 men.

Saint Lucia and Dominica played to a 1-1 draw in the second fixture. The home team and defending champions started a unit that included five overseas players. One of those, young Malik St Prix, scored in the 16th minute to lift the capacity crowd.

Despite that conversion, Saint Lucia were profligate in front of goal. Dominica’s captain, goalkeeper Glenton Prince, admitted the home team could have been up 3-0 at the half. Anthony ‘Meshach’ Jn Baptiste, Saint Lucia’s assistant coach, said his team just missed too many opportunities to put the game away.

That wastefulness would come back to haunt Saint Lucia, and a tactical change by Dominica paid dividends late in the game. Dominica head coach Shane Marshal said the decision to play with a second striker in the second half made the difference, as Glenworth Elizee netted in the 83rd minute to give Dominica a share of the points.

The tournament continues on Thursday evening when Grenada will play Dominica in the first match. St Vincent and the Grenadines will face Saint Lucia in the nightcap.

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  1. love of the game

    Lost by these two comments. First of all Saint Lucia did not lose to Dominica the game ended in a 1-1 draw. Secondly the fields in Marchand are being rehabilitated and the grounds in VF is one of the best available on island that meets FIFA regulations. Saint Lucia's poor rankings is as a result of the the team not playing regular FIFA sanctioned games including friendlies. Playing games on a regular basis gives you points and contributes to the ranking. You cannot be ranked if you do not play. The last WIFA tournament which Saint Lucia won actually contributed to and increase in Saint Lucia's FIFA ranking. Currently football played is strictly amateur level by individuals who work full time. Unless there are other options we should embrace the foreign based players who make the decision to play for Saint Lucia as there are many other Saint Lucians playing for other countries.

  2. This certainly does not look like an international game being played. The ground looks anything but lively.The second photo depicts what looks like a practice match. The player with the number 11 jersey looks like a woman from behind with his/her hands on hips. Is this a mix-sex game? Are both men and women allowed to play? I thought this was the men's football tournament.Where is St Lucia's national stadium? That stadium needs some work done before games of that calibre can be played there.

    What's happening to the Mindoo Phillips stadium and the one next to it? How about the main stadium in Vieux Fort? Why aren't games being played there? That stadium would be ideal to play these games. This is an international competition afterall and the facilities needs to be up to standard. From what I can see in these pictures they are not.

    St Lucia should be able to beat Dominica easily as they are the minnows in the group. Why didn't they win? If they cannot beat Dominica what chance do they have against a tougher opponent like Antigua in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers? The FA need to pick a team that is capable of winning. They need to stop picking little known players from overseas no one's ever heard of. If these players were worth their footballing salt they most certainly would not be playing for St Lucia. They would be playing for the national teams where they ply their trade.Don't you think?

    There are enough local players available who are capable of helping the St Lucian cause.I am not against overseas based players. I think it is imperative to pick the best if you are going to pick any. St Lucia needs a strong team to defend this competition and to help win at home and away against Antigua in the qualifying games.
    Common FA let losing to Dominica be a lesson that you do not want repeating. Win the other two games and go all the way. Good luck team St Lucia.

  3. Nonsense!!!! There's no say Dominica should defeat SLU. We'd been ahead of DA in football for an awfully long time and this is evidence that we have been on a decline in this sport. Whilst other small nations are making huge strides SLU is declining. This tournament will again lower our Fifa ranking. Sad!!!!


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