Saint Lucia has second highest number of HIV-infected people in Eastern Caribbean

Saint Lucia has second highest number of HIV-infected people in Eastern Caribbean


Statistics from the UNAIDS Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS has revealed that more than 500 people are living with HIV and the AIDS disease in Saint Lucia, representing the second highest figure in the Eastern Caribbean.

This was revealed by Latin America and Caribbean Regional Support Team Director for UNAIDS Dr. Cesar Nuñez who provided data from the UNAIDS Caribbean Summary of the AIDS epidemic in 2015.

Dr. Nuñez revealed that St. Vincent has the highest number of people living with HIV and AIDS, as some 800 people are infected with the sexually transmitted disease.

The remaining Eastern Caribbean countries have approximately 150-300 persons living with HIV and two percent of the people living with HIV in the Caribbean reside in the Eastern Caribbean.

St. Kitts and Nevis and Dominica are closest to achieving the 90-90-90 targets, reporting fewer than 20 new HIV infections and fewer than 10 AIDS-related deaths annually over the last five years.

Through the widespread expansion of antiretroviral treatment for mothers living with HIV, there have been dramatic declines in HIV transmission to children.

Cuba led the world by becoming the first country to be validated last year by the World Health Organization as having eliminated this form of HIV transmission.

St. Lucia is the only island in the Eastern Caribbean where HIV transmission from mothers to children has not been eliminated. Countries like Barbados, Dominica and Grenada were the first set to achieve success in this area.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nuñez noted that Pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP—HIV drugs taken by an HIV negative person on a daily basis—dramatically reduces the chance of contracting the virus.

“The world has agreed to reach at least three million people at higher risk of HIV infection with these preventative drugs. Many Governments in our region have come onboard,” he explained.

The UNAIDS official noted that the greatest challenge is the ongoing fight to eliminate stigma and discrimination.

“Even where we have combination HIV prevention services available, too many people do not feel safe or do not have the means to access them. We have to do more to ensure that poverty, homelessness, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and migrant status do not continue to be barriers to ending AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

He said every citizen of this region has a part to play in ensuring that all people are treated with dignity and respect, regardless of difference.



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  2. Yes go ahead blame men women are always innocent. You don't think the old bags get some young men too


  3. We're leading or close to the top in all the wrong things - crime, diabetes, unemployment, corruption and now HIV infection. We really have to stop as a people, take an honest look at where we are and decide how we're going to get out of this mess. It will not be easy but it will be worth it. We have to leave this place better for future generations. Just a sad situation all around.


  4. The big question is. how many people those infected persons have been to the sack with ? If you are clean, minimize your chances of get infected through abstinence. "Not all that glitters is gold".




  6. Ignorance is a disease that can be cured with knowledge but some of our people choose to be ignorant about the knowledge they have about AIDS in favor of the enjoyment of a sexual act that may cost them dearly,an just like when there was a injection for lower casa CLAP/VD everyone thought it was ok to jump on the next intimate enjoyment coz treatment was around the corner,please think again people ur friends,family an love ones feel the stressful pain of ur irresponsible attitude when ur infected.(HANDS DOWN)


  7. I'm usually reading comments and not posting, however, two in one day, that is a lot for me. One word for this article, "promiscuous", it needs to stop. That will help a great deal.


  8. OH REALLY !!! thanks for the info, you got to stay extra strapped when you in these parts. I ain't even gonna risk it. I rather don't get any.


  9. It's time persons wake up. The world has seen an increase in the amount of new HIV infected persons especially those in the 40-49 age group. Just this week I had to tell two new persons they were HIV positive. Believe me when I say it's very heartbroking to do. To watch these faces come to grip with this life sentence is not easily.


  10. Well the numbers are much higher than this I think. the problem is the dirty old men in st lucia that is passing the virus to as many young girls as they can when they know they have it. then these young girls give it to the young fellas and other older men. this behaviour should be criminalised. and young women in st lucia should stay away from these old dirty men who have been around the block and some of them even sleep with men too. dont let suits and jackets and a few dollars and a ride in the vehicle fool u all. its better to be poor than to have HIV. it is not worth it. stick to one partner. get tested. stop sleeping around with endless people.


    • There is no such thing as aids. These people are liars and they will pay for this soon. When you go for an Aida test what do they look for ? Particular T-cells they say. They are bombarding people with their drugs which inflict more harm than the so called virus they are yapping about. The hiv virus is not even a retro virus. It does not have the characteristics of a retro virus yet still they are telling us that it is. People please do your own research and make sense out of non sense. If u are ever told that you have aids, please don't take the drugs that they want to give you. Free your minds. Open your minds


    • The argument of dirty old men reminds me of the one between the chicken or the egg : which one came first? A similar question could be asked in this old men/young women aids transmitting argument : Who gave the old men aids ? Who is more likely to have given old men aids ? (The old women or the young ones)


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