Saint Lucia gov’t to sign consultancy contract with Niagara College

Saint Lucia gov’t to sign consultancy contract with Niagara College
Government offices, Waterfront, Castries.
Government offices, Waterfront, Castries.

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Caribbean Development Bank-funded Gender Mainstreaming Project gets on-stream with the signing of the consultancy contract by Niagara College on Monday, May 6, 2019.

Niagara College emerged successful from three proposals considered from the shortlisted firms for this consultancy.

The Central Tenders Board approved the selection of Niagara College to undertake the project last week, which aims to enhance the capacity of the government of Saint Lucia to systematically address gender equality priorities in their planning and programming processes.

Ensuring gender equality outcomes in national planning requires deliberate, systematic and ongoing capacity building for planners in all ministries, departments and agencies.

A team of experts will be in Saint Lucia for their inception mission from May 6 – 10, 2019.

Whilst here the team will meet with the Project Coordinator, Dr. Claudia Louis, the project advisory team and key stakeholders to help finalize their work plan.

Their inception mission will focus on the following key areas:
– Partnership development and stakeholder engagement.
– Project management and accountability.
– Planning and budgeting document review and analysis.
– Gender training and institutional capacity building needs analysis.

The team is expected to prepare and present an inception report, which will outline the gender training and institutional capacity building needs for key ministries, departments and agencies in the public service.

Training packages will be developed to suit the needs of Saint Lucia, and at a follow-up mission, the team will engage in training exercises for officers of the Department of Gender Relations and public servants in various ministries, departments and agencies on gender analysis and gender inclusion in development planning.

The programme is funded through a Caribbean Development Bank grant.


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  1. First its "gender training" then its gay rights, normalization of trans sexuals, legalized hard drug use and mass muslim immigration.


  2. You Anonymous @ 11:26 AM, may have an Axe to grind about Canada, but don't do it
    at the expense of St Lucia. Whatever it is that bothers you, should be dealt with by counselling.
    In so doing, it will save you from many more disappointments in the future. Canada is a good Country.


  3. The canadians are getting big contracts of the Caribbean Development Bank whose loans we in the caribbean always have to pay back. so these canadians have been riding and using our small islands for years. check what just happened with scotia bank. there should be no need to even look at this latest attempt to get more of our money as anything worthwhile. Time to call for an end to that "marjee." these racist canadians we should have no time for. i can tell you they are more backward than any other white western country.


  4. This addresses, indeed, a facet of our prolonged underdevelopment. However, it will never help us to face head on, the core issue of our debilitating underdevelopment, which is the lack of skill development in engineering and in the natural sciences.

    Let's face it. We are still not guaranteeing that Saint Lucians are powerfully enabled to tackle independently of outsiders, the burden of our own nation's development.

    We will forever be looking outwards for our salvation and for our developmental progress. Ours skills are latent. Our talents are hidden; they have to be brought out. We must turn the corner on this. We must stop talking 'independence' and begin to show greater national responsibility in grasping it!

    We are not independent. We play acting it as if in play.


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