Saint Lucia gov’t shells out US$12M for sports consultancy in no-bid contract

Saint Lucia gov’t shells out US$12M for sports consultancy in no-bid contract
Donald Lockerbie
Donald Lockerbie

(CARIBBEAN NEWS NOW) — Yet another leaked document from the Prime Minister Allen Chastanet-led administration has revealed that, on April 10, 2018, the Saint Lucia government entered into an agreement with a sports project management firm, The Parker Company (TPC) in Miami, Florida, represented by Donald Lockerbie, to provide sports programme management services for the sum of US$12 million on another ‘no bid’ contract.

The entire 2018/19 budget estimate for the ministry of youth development and sports is EC$8,360,100 (US$3 million).

The Parker Company website lists Lockerbie as the managing director – sports and events division. In 2010, he was relieved of his position as head of USA Cricket Association, after promises by Lockerbie about development of the game in the US came to nothing.

Finances were also a concern, as a tournament in Florida in May 2010 featuring New Zealand and Sri Lanka is believed to have resulted in a significant loss to the US association.

Philip J Pierre, political leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and leader of the opposition, commented: “During my budget response I noted that the United Workers Party (UWP) proposed to spend more money on consultants than on poverty reduction. The payment made to Lockerbie is a manifestation of the priorities of UWP government and their desire to please friends, family and foreigners.”

Three leaked invoices from The Parker Company to the Saint Lucia government with wire transfer instructions to a US account in Florida, pursuant to the agreement, reveal that US$328,537.86 has already been paid by the government.

Opposition Member of Parliament, Dr Ernest Hilaire, at a press conference on Tuesday, said: “When you think about it, OJO labs getting EC$10 million, Sandals EC$24 million, Range Developments getting EC$33 million, we found out yesterday that Don Lockerbie is getting US$12 million for managing, design and construction of sports facilities.

“You’re hearing the kind of monies that this government, and I’m hearing that Lockerbie has already been paid EC$892,000 from our treasury. When you hear those figures being paid out to consultants, and also those consultants don’t even go out to tender.

“When you going to give out a consultancy for US$12 million that does not even go out to tender, and you’re hearing that schools cannot be repaired, for the opening of school next week.

“You’re hearing that there’s no medicine at health centres and hospitals, you wonder what really is happen in this country of ours.

“I read this contract for The Parker Company, which is Donald Lockerbie, US$12 million, approximately EC$33 million, for a project management contract. That’s the cost of the Beausejour cricket ground [renamed the Daren Sammy cricket ground].

“I was the permanent secretary [1997, in charge of the ministry of youth and sports] when we built the Beausejour cricket ground, EC$33 million, the entire Beausejour cricket ground. And there were project managers employed. There were architects and engineers, all of that was in the EC$33 million.

“And one contractor, one person, one company, a friend of the prime minister is being paid EC$33 million as a project management services contract.

“I am going to read this two or three or four times over for it to really sink in, that’s what we’ve come to in this country. And a Cabinet sits down and approves that.”


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  1. When the SLP used him to build the Beausejour Cricket Ground now Darren Sammy Cricket ground, was there a bid?


  2. There goes Caribbean News Now again. Richard! Firstly why not show the whole agreement. Secondly it says "Management and CONSTRUCTION" Why didn't the idiot Melanius Alphonse tell us what will be constructed if he has access to the whole agreement? I am certain what will be constructed will be done by local contractors. I have full confidence in this PM when it comes to these agreement. They are digging and can't find anything, now the are creating it. Melanius Alphonse and the SLP is trying their best to bring down this country and the people will not allow it.


  3. What a gross mis-allocation of government funds.

    Unfortunately, based on the SLP's past performance, we are stuck with no credible alternative. We need a new, true centre-right political party as a third alternative for the elections, otherwise we will end up like other countries and having to largely sign over our sovereignty to the IMF in exchange for being bailed out.

    But neither the SLP or UWP will care given the likelihood (unsubstantiated and not proven) of off-shore that will likely ensure a soft landing for most while the poor get poorer. "Get the taxi to drop us at GF Charles airport, we're going to Miami."

    One might be quite surprised at the private real estate holdings even here in St. Lucia of those on all sides of the political discourse. Then again, our island has never been known for transparency and strong measures regarding governance and full disclosure. It's a shame. A real shame.


  4. I say too hell with our pm. Never have I heard about this shit happening in my country. I need a job Mr pm. I worked with nice and I just cannot find another job. Have been looking. And u have all that money to give to one person? I am ashamed to call u our pm. I voted for u. Shame on me. I am marching against you with tears in my eyes Mr.chastanet.


  5. Thanks for brining that to light. Now Mr. Pierre if I vote for you next elections would you actually take them to task and jail them for illegal acts? If not you're just wasting people's time.


    • I'll be one of the first to advocate the great works the Prime Minister has done his first year in office but we have such a terrible track record of maintaining these sporting facilities, look at the condition of the sports stadium in Vieux Fort. Sports doesn't bring in money. The people are full on retarded in this country. The literacy rate is so bad. We're building more concrete structures that are going to fall into disrepair.


    • Are u real or just a j*cka*as. If persons like u don't read or cannot think just shut up. We have to get past loyalty to the party and be loyal to our county and its future


  6. Seems like a failed administration. They have all failed in the recent past but this is the worst case scenario . They cater in Black and White and or in Foreign as opposed to Local.


  7. These things are so outrageous --causes light headed thoughts.Chasnet puts tax on importing cars to deter people from sending money to Japan /out the country....just so he can send millions himself thus reducing our gdp in presidential style. Where did this mad man come from. What are his other ministers saying about this...who gives a damn about that ...what about our healthcare.


  8. I have sat back and observed numerous blunders in the operation of our affairs by this current administration. It is indeed troubling and sad to see what is given priority over our population's general health and well being. I am appalled by the lack of respect to the views of the people on the ground. This is a huge mistake that the previous government government made. They paid dearly for it at the polls, which left them in a state of shock. We choose to remain silent, not because we are illiterate but we know where we can have that change effect . We recognise a good game and play defensively at the polls. Do not underestimate the power of a voter!


    • You meant "Do not underestimate the power of the smart and independent voters". Those who will read this and know it is crap. It says Management and Construction. This was never a secret. The gentleman made a presentation at the Sports award this year and highlighted all the projects that will be constructed. WHat is so wrong in spending 12 million USD for our youth who were neglected for the 5 years of SLP. I am an independent voter and is getting fed up with the opposition. SPending 3 million taxpayers dollars to investigate a parliamentarian secretly is worst that this.


  9. It better not be true. I simply cannot come to the realization that this is fact. Am I dreaming? Someone please pinch me so I can know that I am awake.


  10. most of us st lucians don't read so we don't care about such matters but its very sad that we have come to this. A poor island with a prime minister with brilliant ideas which are too costly and which will increase our debt.

    our healthcare is a priority for me and this money should go there instead of giving it to a guy who has o vested interest in us as a people. Didn't we all hear the Treasury was empty so where are all these million dollar payouts coming from?


    • I've heard about Allen Chastanet having ideas then not really knowing where the money is coming from to pay for all the ideas. I guess that comes with being born with a golden spoon, when you never had to worry about where you're getting money to make ends meet.

      $30 million dollars going out of the country, meanwhile some of us have to be waiting months under government threat of cease and desist orders and penalties trying to get some capital to get actual services up and running on the island being spent on the island to pay locals to bring in foreign exchange.


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