Saint Lucia gov’t, Northwest gift star jumper Levern Spencer with Kia Sportage

Saint Lucia gov’t, Northwest gift star jumper Levern Spencer with Kia Sportage
From left: Spencer, Bain, and Estaphane
From left: Spencer, Bain, and Estaphane

The government of Saint Lucia through the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports made a donation of a brand new vehicle to champion female high jumper Leverne Spencer on Tuesday morning in recognition of her outstanding representation of the island locally, regionally and internationally.

Tuesday’s presentation took place at the Mindoo Phillip Park and was attended by officials and staff of the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, well-wishers, sponsors, and the media.

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, Benson Emile, said: “Today, we present Leverne with a Kia Sportage in recognition of a longstanding service to sports in Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia appreciates your dedication and consistency of service which you Leverne are provided in your chosen field of representation which is athletics. We appreciate the high moral standards which you have maintained in representing us.”

Larry Bain, a director of Northwest Limited, said his company was proud to be a part sponsor of the vehicle as Spencer exemplifies many of the attributes that his company embraces.

Bain said: “Leverne Spencer has demonstrated to the world what dedication, discipline, and determination can achieve, but more importantly, Leverne has shown every young Saint Lucian, particularly every little girl with a big dream, that if they truly focus and put in the hard work they too can realize anything.”

Bain added: “Leverne started out just as Kia had, as the unknown, the underdog, contending with more experienced competitors with greater resources, and just like Kia with persistence, perseverance, and passion, Leverne has risen to be measured against the very best in the world.”

Minister responsible for Youth Development and Sports, Edmund Estaphane, congratulated Spencer on her outstanding career in the female high jump and emphasised that she continues to inspire young upcoming athletes in Saint Lucia with a focus, determination, and consistency.

Minister Estaphane said: You have been and continue to be our shining light. Your dedication, humility, perseverance, and ethos epitomizes the characteristics that all Saint Lucians must aspire to for Saint Lucia to shine. As such, our presentation of this vehicle to you is a small token of appreciation for your example to this nation. And let me add that you earned it all, every bit of it.”

In accepting her new vehicle, Spencer was thankful for the continued recognition of success in the field of athletics and female high-jumping.

Spencer said: “Probably now would be one of my favorite brands and I know it has a lot of features. When I came to Northwest… I got a thorough description and explanation, everything of the car, so I really liked it and I look forward to driving around Castries and everywhere… hopefully, you know, advertise Kia. I think it’s a great car and I really like it.”

Spencer’s dominance in women’s high jump has led to her to be named as a sporting ambassador for Saint Lucia.


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