Saint Lucia already spent EC$5.4 million in unresolved ‘Grynberg matter’


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Grynberg (left) and Anthony

(PRESS RELEASE) — As most Saint Lucians are aware, the government of Saint Lucia has been embroiled in litigation with RSM Production Corporation (RSM) and its principal, Jack Grynberg, over the exploration rights to our seabed.

The issue dates back to a decision made by former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony to execute an agreement with RSM in 2000. Nearly 20 years later, and after the application of significant State resources, this matter remains unresolved.

The government recognizes the importance of keeping the public updated on this matter of national interest and wishes to advise, as follows:

* Correspondence on the government’s files, dated February 1, 2000, reveals that Attorney General, Petrus Compton, advised Dr. Kenny D. Anthony that the State would be better served by having a “specialist in petroleum law” to review the proposed arrangement between RSM and the government. He further advised that there were matters in the agreement to be considered that “can only be properly appreciated by one familiar with the industry, its standards and practices”.

* There is no evidence that this expert in petroleum law was engaged by the then prime minister. However, in March 2000, a contract was signed by Jack Grynberg on behalf of RSM, and by Dr. Kenny D. Anthony on behalf of the government of Saint Lucia. The arrangement centered on oil exploration of over eight million acres of Saint Lucia’s seabed.

* Six months after the signing, RSM registered a formal complaint to Dr. Anthony about outstanding boundary disputes which the company claimed had prevented it from fulfilling its contractual obligations. Dr. Anthony’s response was to increase the acreage for exploration, as well as grant an extension of the term of the contract.

* In April 2012, the Kenny Anthony administration acknowledged that the company owned by Jack Grynberg instituted arbitration proceedings against the government of Saint Lucia in respect of the exploration license which was granted to his company in 2000. Since that date the matter has been before the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

* RSM failed to comply with an order of the Tribunal to place in a special account US$750,000 as security for costs. As a consequence of this, the Tribunal dismissed RSM’s case against the government—with prejudice. In response to this ruling, RSM appealed the decision before the Tribunal’s ad hoc committee.

* In April 2019 the ad hoc committee ruled as follows:

“(1) The Tribunal’s Award is partially annulled to the extent that it concludes in Paragraph 184(i) that RSM’s prayers for relief are dismissed with prejudice.

(2) The costs covering the ad hoc Committee Members’ fees and expenses, the ICSID administrative fees and other direct expenses, as determined by the ICSID Secretariat, shall be borne on the basis of one third to be paid by St. Lucia and two thirds by RSM.

(3) RSM shall bear its own legal costs and expenses and one-third of the legal costs and expenses of St. Lucia.” The effect of this decision is that it clears the way for the matter to be determined on its merits.

Our records reflect that approximately USD$2 million (EC$5.4 million) has already been spent in our defense against the USD$500,000,000.00 claim brought by Jack Grynberg’s company.

This administration wants to assure all citizens that we are committed to regaining control of our seabed and will advise of any significant developments in this long outstanding matter.

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  1. This issue is DEAD. Lets use DEAD money to pay the legal fees.

  2. Yes true 5.4million that’s no money all those politicians corrupt and what’s about the commission he will be getting by the gallon or liter. For a man that has natural gas wells all over the world why involve him in what’s in st Lucia. Hence the reason Dudia doing so well there have natural gases and good leadership not natural gases and corrupt politicians fuck outta here

  3. Keitha Solomon

    The SLPs don’t want to hear about Grynberg because they think Kenny is God. He is a false prophet of gloom. He has only brought this country debt. At least under Chastanet we are seeing positive growth. For historical record and for the sake of transparency ther should have already been an inquiry into this matter. Makes no sense raising the issue of Kenny is not held accountable. If any politician should pay for their wrongdoings it should be Kenny first. He has done too much. He is not fit to even teach anymore. There should be a public trial on this matter not a press release.

  4. Hang Kenny high in public for all to see for what he has done to his country. This should not be forgiven or forgotten. 500million is no easy money. Hang him!

  5. Seems like we have the upper hand in this matter

  6. Martin Sampson

    Is it because of election is near and the Chastanet government has not done well they are using grynbeeg as a scapegoat for the 43% of jackasses. Ask King what was his position and if he refused to answer contact Ausbert d’Auvergne.

    • Note that it was not the government who came out with this news. Many people have been following this development because the SLP has insisted that the issue is dead. Well guess what? So what should l we use to pay legal cost NOW? DEAD MONEY?

  7. Desperation! All the crap this government is involved in, all the corruption! That’s the best they come up with?

  8. And yet still there are Lucians who believe Kenny is a God. The man can cost us $500,000,000.00but he still getting votes form Lucians for him tO get back in government. SMH

  9. Politicians like Kenny Anthony should be made to account for actions such as these that put our country in debt. Did he have the authority to sign over our waters to this man? why are taxpayers paying the bill for something he signed on his won that not even his Cabinet knew about? That Man was the worst thing to ever happen to St Lucia. Our country made no progress under Kenny Anthony. he should be ashamed to show his face and if Philip Pierre keeps him as the candidate for Vieux Fort the SLP IS DOOM. Kenny Anthony should be behind bars for what he has done to this country and the amount of money he has cost our country from ROCHAMEL TO GRYNBERH. His legacy is doomed.

  10. Not interested

    Yawn…. Wake me up when we have settled the DSH matters. Mem bete…. Mem peel.

  11. Raising of a dead horse. Who care about Grynberg? Most St. Lucians are truly not interested.

    • You better be , in all of his cases , this ones he seem he’ll bent on wining , this man just upgrade his legal team and they not playing , so LUCIANs good luck

    • You are an idiot. Please do not reproduce.

    • I thought Rick the Grynberg expert said that this issue is no more on his show. Looks like they need a little distraction from that Guy™ antics, the Wepay scandal and what Teo the king of V-Fort is about to dish out.

  12. The government recognizes the importance of keeping the public updated on this matter of national interest and wishes to advise, as follows, but yet still can’t tell the citizenry about , who our passports are being sold too, about the Pajoah letter and Guy’s involvement, and a whole lot of other issues this present administration is keeping a secret, how convenient you’ll want to inform us about grynberg, smh, you’ll could only brainwashed a few

  13. La-di-da-da Oh well ? What is there to own ? Grynberg want back his money for drilling the barren sea bed he don’t want to own it. Pass the check to the current administration since they are claiming they are writing all wrongs they making seem as if Kenny should pay it. Oil exploration was of NATIONAL INTEREST not and INDIVIUAL INTEREST so suck it up the same way when they are out of power all their expenditures less behind the other government will have to suck up.

  14. With some people, the enlightened can clearly see degrees of stupidity. Some will never learn.

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