Saint Lucia gov’t earns $1,000 weekly in fines for public urination — Mayor Francis

Saint Lucia gov’t earns $1,000 weekly in fines for public urination — Mayor Francis

(SNO) — Public urination appears to be a major problem in Saint Lucia with the government earning up to $1,000 weekly in fines from people charged with the offense.

This is according to Mayor of Castries, Peterson Francis, while speaking last Friday at the opening ceremony of a new comfort station in Castries, a joint venture between businessman Maher Chreiki and the Castries Constituency Council.

He said the law against relieving oneself in public has always been there but now the government is raking in the dollars in fines for it.

“Nearly every week now the government is making $1,000, at least minimum, who have been caught urinating and have to go to court to pay..” he stated.

However, despite this, he said people continue to urinate in the open.

“But you know in Saint Lucia, even when you are doing something that is good, first thing they asking, yes, you are arresting people, where are the washrooms?” he stated. “But I can assure you that you have people coming next to the washroom and using the walls. They will not go into the washroom and the will still ask you where is the washroom.”

Francis said there cannot be an excuse from such behavior in the public domain and has issued an appeal for the public to use the comfort station to empty their bladders.

“We have minibus drivers, they have passengers on board,” he said. “They have tourists on board, they will stop anywhere and go at the back of the vehicle and urinate.”

He said such culture needs to be changed and threatened to be hard on those who break the law.

“And I have promised Saint Lucians one thing, as long as Peterson Francis is mayor, he will do and uphold what is correct,” he said.

The new comfort station is located on the William Peter Boulevard in Castries.


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  1. Public urination appears to pay well. All it takes is be nasty in Csstries. Let the money flow. If you want to put a dent, stay off the city wall.


  2. yes Mr mayor i like it arrest them. its high time Saint Lucians stop their ignorant backward thinking and be more civilized. castries smelling so damn much because of that nastiness. a dollar they dont want to pay for them to pee. if they were in the states or the united kingdom they would be arrested without question but down here they want to do what they want. they would obey the rules abroad very well


      • thats because you smelling with what you sitting on and not using whats on your face. i hate ignorant people like you that only see inside the box and refuse to look outside. i mean its not every where in Castries that people will pee on the ground , look at the alley way behind the gas station where the dennery bus stop is, the bus drivers them selves peeing there in the gutter and that place smelling.


  3. Kudos Mr Mayor! . I've seen bus drivers stop at a light and jump out the bus to relieve themselves in the middle of the street. We needed to address this.
    Castries smells like old dog and piss.


  4. That's a good move, they should extend the program to littering, squatting etc. It's time saint Lucians keep the country clean and tidy. Stop making the place like a ghetto.


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