Saint Lucia government to respond to Pierre’s ‘scare tactic’ letter

Saint Lucia government to respond to Pierre’s ‘scare tactic’ letter
Chastanet (left) and Pierre (right)
Chastanet (left) and Pierre (right)

(SNO) — The Saint Lucia government will soon give the appropriate response to the letter from Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet which has to do with the Direct Purchase Contract that was awarded to Fresh Start Construction Company Limited in March 2017.

Chastanet on Thursday, Sept. 20 said the letter is currently in the possession of the attorney general. However the political arm of the government, the United Workers Party (UWP) on Friday, Sept. 21 responded to the letter, claiming in its response, that the St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) was only seeking to undermine confidence in the government.

The Opposition wants the government to bring the loan facility for the contract given to Fresh Start to parliament so as to gain parliamentary approval.

Pierre warns the government that it would face court action if it does not seek parliamentary approval of the loan within 60 days from the date of the letter. He would seek from the court a declaration that the contract was unlawful.

Meanwhile, the UWP said that the threat by Pierre is just another scare tactic, another attempt at sabotaging progress in Saint Lucia for the SLP to score cheap political points.

“The SLP continues resorting to cheap threats with the sole intention of impeding our progress as a nation. They have threatened to take the government to court over the dDputy Speaker issue, and have still failed to do so two years later. The SLP threatened to take the government to court over DSH, and have also failed to do so,” asserted the UWP.


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  1. For a group which wallows in cognitive dissonance and situational ethics, those threats are not unusual. Pay close attention to the very honest way in which our patrimony was sold in the seabed giveaway for $150 million. Now they have the gumption of calling for transparency and legislative procedure for less. Mind you. For very much less!

    Only those, like Jim Jones followers in Guyana, will pay these power-hungry shysters any mind. But they have created ghetto upon ghetto of drug-dependent, mindless hangers-on, who are waiting for their STEP handouts. For these, the next legitimate election is just too far away. Now, deep within the soul of the SLP, some bosses might find some of those creatures expendable. Welcome to the near-weekly roadkill.

    If ever it was, SLP today is not part of the solution. It is now firmly a very large part of our national corrosive cancerous sickness.


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