Saint Lucia government loses case of fatal police shooting in Babonneau

Saint Lucia government loses case of fatal police shooting in Babonneau
Mandy Louis
Mandy Louisy

(PRESS RELEASE) — Statement by Mary M. Francis, attorney-at-Law and coordinator of the National Centre For Legal Aid And Human Rights Inc., May 7, 2019,  on behalf of the mother of Mandy Louisy.

Dead man vindicated: On Friday, May 3, 2019, judgment was rendered against the State in favour of the mother of Mandy Louisy.

Mandy Louisy of Chassin, Babonneau was shot by police, about 12:30 a.m. on August 9, 2013 on the road in Babonneau, after being stopped by police. As a result of the shooting he died. Mandy was 32 years old, a strong healthy young man and a boat captain by occupation.

On January 31, 2014, a claim for unlawful death was filed against the attorney general, representing the State. Self-defence was alleged on behalf of the police who claimed being attacked with a knife by Mandy.

However, the judge in her judgment, dismissed their defence. On page 25, the Judge stated: “The knife just does not make sense in the sequence of events. I accept that there was a struggle but I do not accept that Mandy had any knife. When I consider this along with the other inconsistencies, I do not accept the evidence of the defendant as being totally credible.”

The judge further stated: “No evidence was led that this knife was ever examined or tested to ascertain that if it was Mandy’s in light of the evidence that such behavior did not accord with who Mandy was. I do not believe that Mandy had any knife.”

The judge concluded at page 29: “By way of conclusion I do not accept that P.C McVane shot Mandy in self defence and I therefore find that the shooting of Mandy was unlawful and an excessive use of force in the circumstances. I also find that P.C Vane and P.C Polius were negligent in their handling of Mandy from their first contact with him. The claimant is therefore entitled to damages.”

Damages were awarded in the sum of $14,838.98 with interest at the rate of 6%.

For the family of Mandy Louisy, his loss will always be felt, however Mandy’s reputation though he is dead, killed by police, has been restored as being a peaceful person during his short life.

This decision is particularly important in light of a 2014 inquest and verdict of lawful killing by the police. The family was represented and a request was made to re-open the Inquest on account of certain irregularity.


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  1. Just curious... who is paying??? I would think that the government should pay this woman also for all that she went through!!! Damn St Lucia we need to reassess and configure this country!


  2. St.Lucians are a bunch of cowards, plain and simple.We have police officers who believe that they are above the law, you know something, I believe they truly are above the law.what we need in St. Lucia is a huge demonstration from all walks of life to send a clear message to our servants that their salary is coming from the public, and without us they do not have a pay check.{MAKE THIS HAPPEN} WE NEED A PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION NOW.


  3. Justice is served but unfairly! The courts are being lenient because they are law officers! They’re cold blooded criminals and the law should have punished them to the full extent and ensure they no longer serve the police force!!!! Dirrrttty cops!!!!!!!


  4. Ok but what about the rest of em?? Y is this process taking soo long?? Our country is suffering and something needs to be done about it.. who's gone is already go sad to say but let's try to avoid the taking of more lives by these soo called law enforcements


  5. Oh my is that all a life is worth in St.Lucia? I'll take my chances and stay where I reside Holy Sh$%.


  6. It that what a human life is worth in ST Lucia? What happened to the two officers, they should be removed from the police force. They should loose their pension and sent to prison for life. An example has to be made.


  7. $14,000??????? No amount of money will be enough for the life of this lady's son. But that's all shes awarded? make these people pay millions!! Do something that will actually hurt them so they are forced to make REAL change!!


  8. That the type of work I support Mary, not the defence of those harden murderous criminals in this country.


  9. Is this the judgement. $14.8 thousand. am i hearing this right. fourteen thousand eight hundred is what the young man's life is worth. some one tell me i did not just read that.


    • Mary is not being paid or compensated as a matter of fact ingrates like you disrespect her with inpunity.


    • Bruce that is not interesting thats no money whats about the lawyers fees what about the expense for berial for that person that judge didnt charge enough


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