Saint Lucia Government assesses CXC results

Saint Lucia Government assesses CXC results

The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and Labor has assessed the 2014 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate results (CSEC).

Of the thousands of Saint Lucians who wrote a total of 33 exams, 72.5 percent passed with Grades I, II and III in the General and Technical Proficiency subjects. 28.6 percent of students who took the exams failed.

The subjects with the highest pass rates were Physical Education and Sports, Economics, Food and Nutrition, Theatre Arts, Electronic Document Preparation and Management, Information Technology, Clothing and Textiles, Principles of Business, Principles of Accounts and Technical Drawing.

The subjects with the lowest pass rates were Mathematics, Spanish, Visual Arts, Agricultural Science, and English Language.

Fifty percent of the students who wrote Mathematics failed, while 35.5 percent of students who wrote English Language also failed.


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  1. Most of those kids dont care about school anymore..back in my days i don't go to fetes or partys.. stay home sturdy, that was my fete. Parent need to control their kids and not the other way around. Spend more time in their books. Lessons. Engage them in something rather than just having them do qhat they wants. Maybe then we will see some improvements in those subject areas.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions. ?


  2. That y we talk so bad and cannot do simple Maths operations but we all acting like everything cool. We are in a problem people ghetto youths them homeless who is to be blame........


  3. Honestly sum students don't care stop blaming the government. All fetes north ve they are there y not go study. Smfh congrats to convent 100% in all subjects excepting french and Spanish


    • We still experiencing problems we faced 20 years ago and you put it down to the kids? The ones in charge need to find ways of engaging them.

      Everyone should share the blame for this.


  4. I can't believe that's still happening!!! 20 years ago when I was in form 4 our mathematics teacher was always Ill. There was never a substitute and when we entered form 5 we were just being taught new topics like pythagarus theorem and it had to be shoved down our throats by the principal cause cxc was round the corner. Can't believe that's still the case


  5. children fail maths becuz of its nature. i believe teachers shud take a student centered approach wen teaching the subject. too many times teachers chalk and talk and dont get the kidz involved in the subject. i believe if students show an appreciation for the subject they will perform better.


  6. there was NO maths teacher for a long time in form 4 and some children lost alot. time was been wasted and the government wouldn't provide a teacher for the specific school.


  7. Seriously we want to blame the government?????? The children ARE NOT interested in doing school work . There are qualified teachers in every school . DONT BLAME the teachers and the ministry for the failures of your children .


  8. It is high time that Mathematics have SBA attached. People it is hard to grab the concept of Math in form 4-5 when grade 6 u never got it


  9. it seems like these results are trashed after the government has received them. If we can form committees to advise the Prime Minister on stuff he should already know. Why not form one to give suggestions on how we can improve those weak areas


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