Saint Lucia Forensic Lab working to build public confidence, says director

By SNO Staff

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Director of the Forensic Lab, Fernanda Henry

Director of the Forensic Lab, Fernanda Henry, has said it is now building confidence in the public as it relates to crime-fighting on the island.

She told the media that confidence in the lab had taken a nosedive because of many controversies surround it, including a number of closures.

“We need to step up, we need to demonstrate to our citizens that we are working,” she stated.

She said the lab is working full time to show that it is being effective, especially when it comes to criminal investigations.

“A lot of it will come out of prosecution,” she noted. “Because really that is the end goal. People, when they see the outcome of a case in court, they understand that, oh there was forensics involved here. So that’s where it would be demonstrated that forensics is important and that we are working to build the confidence of the public in what we do.”

Henry explained that the lab is up to date and on par.

“In fact, our instrumentation sometimes exceeds those that you find in US laboratories,” she remarked. “Our staff are very well trained and they are very enthusiastic as well.”

She admitted that the lab is not fully operational yet but is working towards that goal.

“I expect it to be fully operational by the end of 2020 and we intend to add new services to the laboratory as well,” Henry said.

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