Saint Lucia Food & Rum Festival presents a night of culinary excellence

Saint Lucia Food & Rum Festival presents a night of culinary excellence
Marcus Samuelson
Marcus Samuelson

(PRESS RELEASE) – The January 12-14 Saint Lucia Food and Rum Festival, presents exciting collaborations between the island’s national culinary team and award-winning chef, restaurateur and television personality, Marcus Samuelsson.

One such collaboration is the recreation of the Obama Administration’s first State dinner at the Celebrity Chef Dinner Saturday, January 13th taking place at Ti Bannane at Coco Palm Resort.

The 5-course menu will feature local ingredients, herbs and spices including callaloo, tomatoes, yams, banana, passion fruit, coconut, conch and other seafood. The evening will be a fusion of island chic and fine dining with a cocktail hour, live entertainment, rum tasting and chocolate pairing.

Chef Samuelsson is the acclaimed chef behind many restaurants worldwide including, Red Rooster, Streetbird Rotisserie, and Marcus B&P. Samuelsson was the youngest person to ever receive a three-star review from The New York Times, Samuelsson has won multiple James Beard Foundation Awards including Best Chef: New York City.

Samuelsson was also crowned champion of television shows “Top Chef Masters” and “Chopped All-Stars”, and served as a mentor on ABC’s “The Taste”. A committed philanthropist, Samuelsson co-produces the annual food and culture festival Harlem EatUp!, which supports Harlem Park to Park and Citymeals-on-Wheels.

Assisting Chef Samuelsson will be the award-winning, Saint Lucia National Culinary team who won eight medals at the 2017 Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) culinary competition “Taste of the Caribbean”. The team consists of Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort’s Chef Niguel Gerald, pastry chef Robert McDonald, Kisha Prosper Chocolate competition winner; Windjammer Landing Resort and Spa’s Nissa Paul, Beef competition winner; Cap Maison Resort’s Billy Mauricette, Junior Chef of the Year; Capella Marigot Bay & Marina’s Klent Abel – Seafood competition winner; and The Body Holiday, Le Sport’s Germain Sydney – bartender competition winner. The team will also be supported by bartender Steve Peter of The Body Holiday, Le Sport and the Executive Chef of Coco Resorts Richardson Skinner.

“We see this collaboration as an experience where our outstanding chefs have an opportunity to learn from one of the world’s great culinary masters and as a culinary delight for all to experience something uniquely Saint Lucia,” said SLHTA CEO, Noorani Azeez.

The Celebrity Chef Dinner presented by Marcus Samuelsson will be an exclusive night of fine dining and entertainment. Tickets for the Gala event are XCD300/USD120 with limited seating. For more information visit:


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  1. A revised failed defunct Chastanet initiatives of yesteryear. When will he ever learn. Look how much they charging poor people to eat food.


  2. St Lucia don't have enough diabetes now we promoting RUM go on st lucia drink yourselves to diabetes.


  3. Some St lucian people like to much of a good time. While all the world is busy working, all they think of is party party party. And yet they sit and say how poor they are. This could be set for two three months down the line. Christmas just passed and people just getting back to work. Show the world st lucian are good at working and not just party all the time.


    • Why you letting this burn you? If you don't want to go don't. If you can't afford It, stay home. You are dead much longer than you are alive. People, enjoy your lives responsibly while you can. Let sourpuss stay home and be miserable.


      • Song like a mooch. One of those jumping from bar to bar, party to party; no regard for saving for a rainy day. One day millionaire. Everyday is a party. One of those same one crying things is hard in st lucia and yet always looking for someone to pay. Let st lucian be known as hard working land and not party island and yet always looking for a hand out.


      • There's nothing wrong with enjoying life, but having this festival so soon after Christmas and a long New Year week is too soon. Making it look like that's all St. Lucian do. A month or two down the road fine. How are we to catch up to the rest of the world if that's all we do (drink and party). That is why we have so many young people, especially our young men commiting suicide. All they know is having a good old time, spending every penny like there might be no tomorrow ; and when tomorrow comes and they have no job or money to party they kill themselves. There is more to enjoying life than partying every week.


    • Scrooge..... you seems to be so unhappy. Why do you want to spoil dinner date ? It's a new year be happy.


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