Saint Lucia Fire Service gets new officers

Saint Lucia Fire Service gets new officers
Babonneau Fire Station
Babonneau Fire Station will accommodate 28 of the 45 new fire officers, according to a report.

(SNO) — In the face of a manpower shortage, the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) is getting 45 new fire officers.

The new officers will be stationed across the island and 28 will be at the soon-to-be opened, $6-million Babonneau Fire Station.

National Security Minister Hermangild Francis congratulated the new firefighters and said the fire services have been doing a very good job.

“I pray God during my tenure, it will continue that way,” he told HTS News.

He stated that training by the firefighters he witnessed was “very demanding”.

“I congratulate all the youngsters for being able to pass through that sort of training,” he noted.

Meanwhile, SLFS Divisional Officer Ditney Downes said the training for the recruits was challenging and they had a difficult time transitioning from civilian life to being a firefighter.

“The first three to four weeks was a bit challenging for these recruits,” he said.

He thanked all those who were involved in training the recruits and he hoped that when they are stationed around the island, they will mentored by senior officers.


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