Saint Lucia featured on CNN

Saint Lucia featured on CNN
Saint Lucia Pitons. * Photo credit: CNN
Saint Lucia Pitons. * Photo credit: CNN
Saint Lucia Pitons. * Photo credit: CNN

Saint Lucia is one of the “must-see” islands featured on’s travel section.

In the article titled, “30 inviting island escapes”, readers were asked to share their “dreamiest island experiences”. And St. Lucia made the list.

The brief piece on our island read: “Saint Lucia stretches 27 miles long in the Caribbean Sea. iReporter Dennis Litcht enjoyed “the gorgeous scenery, the lush vegetation and watching the storms roll over the Pitons, as this picture illustrates.”

This quote is accompanied by a photo of the Pitons with the caption “Must-see islands”.

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  1. Lived in Soufriere for 1 & 1/2 years. Loved there. Waterfalls, medicinal sulphur springs, fresh grown foods. Love the open markets!


  2. Yet Still tourist are being robbed on beaches Like in Vieux Fort yesterday. All this publicity yet still broad day light young men are threaten persons on the beach with knives and or weapons. Look at national day, very low keyed, where is our national pride, political parties have big rallies but nothing to instill our national pride for St. Lucia, Where are our flags . Not even our government vehicles are flying our colors. What a shame. Thanks CNN for the advert we will strive to make it safer and cleaner. Thank you lord for our nation St. Lucia, Cover us under your blood, let your anointing flow from North to South and East to west.


  3. Nice ....but it's a pity very soon St. Lucians won't be able to own a piece of this "gorgeous scenery and the lush vegetation" when Kenny and Hilaire sell it to the highest bidder!


    • Pea brain, can you for once in your wasted life leave politic out of this. This is positive article and you had to dirty it with your comments. Give me a break for goodness sake.


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