Saint Lucia establishes coronavirus hotline

Saint Lucia establishes coronavirus hotline

(SNO) – Saint Lucia has established a coronavirus hotline which the Ministry of Health hopes will address questions and concerns about the virus which has been spreading around the globe, with several cases in neighboring islands.

There are no cases of the feared virus on the island, however, Director of Bureau of Health Education, Natasha Lloyd-Felix said the number 311 is a step being taken to assist residents to be prepared.

“It is easy and accessible to everyone and we will be able to provide Saint Lucians with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy while helping minimize the spread of misinformation,” she explained.

She stated that discussion is being held on “doing some surging of capacity” to train staff so they will be in a position to give information about the virus.

“This is important because the number of demands coming to us at his point as a ministry is taking away the time needed to put certain things in place so by having that in place where they can provide basic information we can dedicate some other time to more critical interventions that need to happen prior to our first case or an outbreak,” Lloyd-Felix remarked.

Presently, health officials in Saint Lucia are awaiting results from samples taken from a nurse who works at the National Wellness Centre, who is in isolation based on her travel history.

Tests are being done by Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) based in Trinidad.


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