Saint Lucia delegation to pay homage to former President Castro in Cuba

Saint Lucia delegation to pay homage to former President Castro in Cuba


PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister Honourable Allen M. Chastanet, Minister for Health and Wellness, Honourable Mary Isaac and Member of Parliament for Laborie, Honourable Alva Baptiste, will leave for Cuba today to pay homage to former Cuban president Fidel Castro.

On Friday 25th November the world learned that the revolutionary and one of the world’s longest-serving and most iconic leaders, died at age 90.

Cuba has been significantly involved in helping Saint Lucia improve its healthcare sector, most notably with the Cuban Miracle Eye Restoration program, specialized kidney and cancer care and hundreds of scholarships in the field of medicine for Saint Lucians.

Earlier this year Cuba and Saint Lucia signed a new cooperation agreement on healthcare. Saint Lucia has had diplomatic relations with Cuba since 1979.

World leaders, diplomats and people of all walks of life will pay homage in Havana from Monday November 28 until Tuesday November 29.

On Tuesday evening there will be a mass event with the people of Cuba, the Government and international delegations at Revolution Square in Havana.

Cuba has declared nine days of national mourning for the death of Fidel Castro, ending with his remains being interred on December 4th.

The Cuban Embassy in Saint Lucia has made available a Book of Condolences for signature from 9am to 6pm this week until Saturday December 3rd. Persons wishing to sign can do so at the Cuban Embassy at Rodney Bay, Gros Islet.

During the Prime Minister’s two-day absence Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-operatives Honourable Ezechiel Joseph will serve as acting Prime Minister.


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  1. People please read history's page not only from the USA media but from all historians. Go right back to the beginning. Her's a teaser USA! USA! Revolution! So you thing Castro bad? History what about the American war? Proud to see a little country like USA get kick in the ass by a small country like Cuba. Read history, know all the truth! Revolution was important then, The world is changing and changing every day. These days a different revolution is taking place. Can't you see It?


    • dd please, cuba should be sunk along time ago,would u allow ur enemy to store nuclear weapons to launch an attact on u so close?


  2. I am very proud of the stance that my country has taken. The fools who disagree forget conveniently that our ancestors fought imperialism, slavery, colonialism and even now under-development. Castro was a fighter who stood and fought. What have you key board warriors done lately except dine on American propaganda? Kudos to the delegation! Every Caribbean leader must and should make it to Cuba. This is our time to signal to the world at large no matter who fails to attend that we stand together as the Caribbean and we will NEVER FORGET.


  3. Paying homage is so sickening! What mindless group!

    Surely such ignoramuses do not in any way represent
    me or all Saint Lucians.


    • Those paying homage are suffering from a huge dose of inferiority complex. Am I happy for them. Line up, idiots!


  4. Castro simply replaced one set of elites with another set of bearded elites. Did Castro and his people live the same lives as the rest of Cuba? Did Castro ever relent power to one of the other lesser known revolutionaries? Why did he hand it to his frigging brother? Why didnt Kenny Anthony move to Cuba with is gorgeous wife? Whe didnt Alva Baptiste? Why didnt they make St. Lucia a shining example of a Cuban Mirror state? Why did Kenny get a BMW and not a Mazda? Is Rochamel inline with Cuban revolutionary Phylosophy? Is Citizen by Investment Programme another Cuban Style Programme to move us out of poverty? Engles and Marx spoke about the the end of history with a communist system. Is this why Cuba is stuck in 1950? It would be quite easy for all these lucian proletariats to move to Cuba, I mean the ticket is not that expensive....Why havent they moved? The communist Ideal is great, but only for those who want to rule under a communist system. Those not in power are shafted for the benefit of those who want to write history. Who the hell was Fidel to decide the fate of so many without being elected or selected to do so? Democracy can be a shame, but what then is communism?


  5. Everybody wants the profits but nobody wants to pay the price. Most St. Lucians studying in Cuba got all their US dollars and goodies into Cuba and took advantage of their educational services. Do they really know what it felt like to be a Cuban living in Cuba? I guess many cannot relate to what it is to be a prostitute profesora with a doctorate and accepting fares from your students. How many of you would be willing to accept 20 US dollars as salary for the month while having a PhD? Many of you wouldn't want to give up your St. Lucian citizenship for being a Cuban for a day.

    You see many people in St. Lucia continue to LIE TO THEMSELVES just so that they can project this image of association and comradery with political parties and people of affluence.



  6. 1234: You are such a damn blowfish. Your personal dislike for Castro has caused you to lose all objectivity, which causes you to lose all credibility in my opinion. Im not saying Castro's system is a perfect one, but i dare you to point me to a system which is.

    On what point exactly are challenging Castro? You say he killed his own people, show me where. Ive been to Cuba many times and I never saw any of these atrocities you mentioned. Its quite the opposite actually. If you mention thieves and criminals being shot then i point you to Dueterte, you'll love this guy.

    If you mention war, Well look at the US, The country you hold to such high standards they've killed more innocents than any tyrant on this planet. In fact they are killing innocents right now.

    Again I ask you to look to Detroit, you will find no one in Cuba living in such filth.

    If you mention freedom of expression and media, dude since when has ANY media house been free of political screening?? Being given the perception of freedom doesn't mean you are really free.

    Its easy to bash Castro because it fits your agenda but the problem is, the countries you hold to such high standards, have done far, far , far worse.

    And fyi, Democracy as a concept is a nice thought. In reality it is severely flawed, just as much as a totalitarian dictatorship.


  7. well, well well, we still got people with the cold war mentality.Many people have been to Cuba, and seen personally the truth, no massive killing, no drugs, cocaine, lsd,no shooting on university campuses,no gun violence ,as the USA,NO KILLING OF BLACK PEOPLE, is that the freedom you are talking about just admit the USA is no place to raise a child Tell the Americans to lift the trade embargo, and you will see the real progress of Cubans, Didn't the Americans shoot down a Cuban airline, in the 70,s killing also Jamaicans, and Guyanese students .What did Batista do to Cubans?answer the following!


    • lol you one of those trendy leftist, hey nothing is wrong with cuba, its great, they have the latest bmws and no one died.


    • its people like you that believe that black people are being killed by the drives in america, less than 300 black people were killed in 2015 by the police, 500-600 whites killed by police, black on black crime over 500 black people killed other black people fbi own numbers, you sound like someone that just turns on cnn and believe everything they say with their 6% trust rate, Batista was trash as well, with that said, do you have any idea how many doctors fled the country, its like someone saying to their child that is starving " shut the hell up while i feed your cousin" that was the relationship between us and cuba and castro and his people, people like you only think of your self.


      • And if I did not agree wtih Castro's bullshit, Id be sent to prison. No system is perfect. But I prefer a system with a media capable of reporting what occurs, freedom to express, and toilet paper. When dont you revolutionaries move to where the revolution occurred? You visit, but keep coming back!


  8. 1234: you forgot to include you your comments that the dictator you talked about never had the budgets of any of the western world countries yet the education system and health service he oversaw in Cuba is comparable to those of any of these countries and they are free. Name me the western country and I will tell of a country were there are acts of dictatorship. Check what is going on in England today: the people voted to get out of the EU. Are there not those doing their outmost best to see that England never leaves? On the question of him killing his people I will only say this don't talk about things you know. Many things have been said about the man that turned out to be untrue. If our leaders had just 1/10 of the dignity this man the world would have been a much better place.


    • Ok. You are either playing dumb or, you are a really dumb Saint Lucian SLP follower.

      In the Cold War era, all of Cuba's activities were bankrolled by the USSR. It was a satellite of the Russians. Castro was paid handsomely for putting his countrymen in the line of fire around the world.

      Then, the Soviet Union had Cuba as a proxy for a great deal of its hot war activities around the world. The foreign policy of the USSR was aimed at spreading communism to the rest of the world. Cuba was simply fronting for the Soviet Union in almost every geopolitical hotspot on planet earth. Why the hell are you not aware of this?

      Those who know something about the conduct of international relations from the St. Augustine Campus of the UWI, know full well that countries do not have permanent friends, only permanent self-interest. Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it.


      • during the time you speak about, cuba was assisting to liberate many states in africa and latin america while the west ( US, uk, etc) was killing people in vietnam and cambodia, nicaragua, bolivia, colombia, chile, and the list goes on and on...these guys undermine legitimate governments in grenanda and dominica via the CIA and keep oppressing black people in Africa and the diaspora. I will say that your analysis is highly biased in the least and downright ignorant and wicked at best. it s a good thing that many thousands of lucians benefit and continue to benefit from the work of this dude, many educated, many cured. do you realise that the dude you hate trained most of the doctors you see when sick, or the engineers and agronomist, foresters etc which keep this country running?? so while you talk nonsense the truth can't be changed


    • England never voted to be in the EU in the first place, its the best move they have made, everyone has to live it, nationalism no more globalism, okay so he didnt kill his people then thats untrue,he didnt murder people okay, he was a spiritual leader like the pope basically said, look heres what am saying, Hitler was a smart man as well, but he did nothing wrong in some peoples eyes, people need to stop justifying dictators.


    • but educate me then, tell me how good Castro was, he wore 2 Rolex's when he went to Russia, he helped saint lucia, he lived like a king while his people suffered, he backhanded a racist who believed that a certain race was nothing but cockroaches , or are you another one with those leftist ideologies that believe that its okay to be a dictator and kill people once that dictator can help you, how selfish is that, its not about acts of dictatorship, Obama does acts of dictator ship, Mao Zedong was a dictator, theres a big difference between obama and mao. now with that said, was Castro a strong man sure, did he help us sure, was hitler a strong man sure, did he help people sure, they both killed people by the thousands, so it seems to me that the way we think is if someone helps and pays us enough as a people we will support them even if what they do is wrong, really shows the truth colors of the world, while you have the Cubans in america dancing because of his death, you have the Cubans in Cuba told to shut up and morn for their dictator.


    • to sum it up what Castro did for us vs his people is like someone saying to their starving child that hasn't eaten in 10 days " shut the hell up, while i feed your cousin" do you know how many doctors fled the country because they were afraid they would be killed because they disobeyed? i guess not, the relationship is like isis coming to saint lucia and telling lucians " we gonna bring back jobs and fix the economy" and its people like you that will say come on in regardless of what they do in the middle east, no matter how many 5 year olds they rape and men they crucify and womens heads they cut of, you still gonna tell them come in because you dont care about whats good, you just care about your self.


    • Yea come on the man the man had more evil than good. A man kill more of his own people jail them control with an iron fist believe that he was a god. Cuba is 2oyrs backwards. Sometimes I wish to see some of you in a Country of this mindset.


  9. Hitler helped his people okay, he alspo killed Jews I mean what the hell is this, how the hell is that justifiable. Castro was a dictator that killed his own people, disgraceful.


  10. Pathetic, disgusting, why don't we just consider the dictator that killed his own people a " loving spiritual leader " the man was a damn dictator no different from Hitler. It really shows the true colours of the saint Lucian government both SLP and uwp, and the people that go along with this nonsence, good luck to you.


    • I understand your concern and frustration over our embrace for this tyrant. However, we have to agree that with the serious health problem at our hospitals, we have received a lot of assistance from Cuba and we have to show some form of appreciation. What we should have done (those who are against the dictator) is to turn down the Cubans assistance as a protest against the tyrant Castro. Wrote this with a BIG question mark.


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