Saint Lucia-Cuba solidarity association rejects US “aggressive” behaviour towards Cuba

Saint Lucia-Cuba solidarity association rejects US “aggressive” behaviour towards Cuba
Havana, Cuba

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Humanistic Solidarity Association (Saint Lucia – Cuba) wishes to express its grave concern with very recent additional indications by the government of the United States of America of its intention to further deepen the application of the infamous and regressive Helms Burton Law against our Caribbean sister, Cuba, by applying Title III of that draconian, imperialist, archaic and pre-historic Law. Title III will have the following effects:

> further reduce the already very limited commercial exchanges between Cuba and the USA, thereby further eroding and stunting the viability of the Cuban financial sector.

> further attack all entities and entrepreneurs of third countries by threatening them with legal reprisals or the denial of visas to them and their relatives to enter the United States, if they exercise their legitimate right to continue and/or develop commercial and investment relations with Cuba;

> further limit relations of Cuban residents in the US with their relatives in Cuba; and further limit relations between US nationals with Cuban nationals; also further limit the travel of people between the US and Cuba;

> limit even further the flow of remittances from Cuban nationals and other persons in the US and in third countries, including Saint Lucia, to Cuba;

> all the above measures and their deleterious effects on the Cuban economy and society will only have the effect of further convincing the United States that it can bring about a change of government in Cuba, the same objective presently being pursued by the US government in Venezuela. The Cuban people have shown for six decades that this is a pipe dream and a foolish illusion, something that President Barack Obama and George W. Bush had realized.

In the meantime, the Cuban people and economy continue to suffer serious hardships as a result of the old Economic Blockade dinosaur. But this will not prevent Cuba’s advancement towards a more just, prosperous and sustainable society. As history has shown the world for 60 years, these attacks by the US will not result in any political concession by Cuba to the United States, or bend in the very least the firm will of the Cuban people to defend their national sovereignty against US tyranny.

The Economic Blockade and the Helms-Burton Law have been rejected by the international community for several decades, through clear and reiterated pronouncements from the UN, CELAC, the European Union, the ACP Group, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), CARICOM, the Association of Caribbean States, the OECS, and all the world’s nations except Israel.

The Humanistic Solidarity Association (Saint Lucia – Cuba) has been observing the United States’ aggressive actions at effecting regime change in Venezuela during the past several months, and has observed that country’s recent bold pronouncements about its similar designs for Cuba.

The Humanistic Solidarity Association wishes to make known its utter rejection of these illegal actions and pronouncements, which contradict all the laws, conventions and norms of international law, and the United Nations fundamental principles of non-interference and non-intervention in the internal affairs of the member countries of the international community of nations.



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