Saint Lucia Consulate organises forum to discuss immigration fraud

Saint Lucia Consulate organises forum to discuss immigration fraud
A meeting in progress at the Saint Lucia Consulate in New York.
A meeting held at the Saint Lucia Consulate in New York.

PRESS RELEASE – The Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York announced today that it will host a town hall meeting on November 21, 2014, to discuss the impact that a number of citywide initiatives may have on Saint Lucian nationals.

Scheduled to start at 7:00p.m, the forum will focus on the soon-to-be-launched Municipal Identification (ID) Card Program, as well as services available to victims of domestic violence and ways to safeguard against immigration fraud.

The town hall meeting will be held at the Saint Lucia House, located at 438 E 49th Street, between Church and Snyder Avenues in Brooklyn.

A representative from the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA), which is spearheading NYC’s Municipal ID Card Program, will provide an update on plans to implement the program in January 2015.

Key questions about the program will be address inclusive of documents will be required for the application, whether financial institutions will accept the new municipal ID, etc.

The Municipal ID Card Program is designed to improve access to NYC benefits and attractions, thus many Saint Lucian nationals who have not been able to do so due to the lack of any government-issued identification, will now qualify.

In addition, Hon. Rosemonde Pierre-Louis, Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence, will provide an overview of services available for victims of intimate partner domestic violence, elder abuse trough the NYC Family Justice Centers, which have had  over 47, 000 client visits this year.

The meeting will also feature representatives from the Manhattan and Brooklyn District Attorney offices speaking about the dangers associated with immigration fraud.

They will describe how businesses and unscrupulous individuals swindle immigrants by guaranteeing false success, sometimes cheating them out of thousands of dollars.

Representatives will also highlight specifics of legislation recently signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to better protect immigrants living in New York from potential fraud or wrongdoing as they seek immigration-related assistance.

The Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York urges every Saint Lucian residing in NYC to attend and to participate fully in this important forum.

For more information about the town hall meeting, please contact the Consulate General in New York at (212) 697-9360 or via e-mail at [email protected]


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  1. What is the combined salaries of the people in this room? How can that be right St. Lucia? What are these people doing to deserve these salaries, perks, benefits? And we are down here suffering. This can never be right.


    • My rough guess... $2 Million EC, or more! For filing passport applications, dealing with deportees, and shopping on flatbush! As for bally-ram, I never see her at any SLU events.


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