Saint Lucia considering phased reopening of Grade Six and Form Five classes

Saint Lucia considering phased reopening of Grade Six and Form Five classes

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations is considering the return of Grade Six and Form Five students during this academic year 2019/2020, based on the advice of the Ministry of Health.

This is in preparation for the Common Entrance and CSEC Examinations.

The Department is keenly aware of the significance of all health, well-being, and safety protocols as part of this consideration.

The Department has been engaging with several stakeholders and will continue to do so, mindful of the respective concerns of students, teachers, administrators, parents, and support staff.

The Department will communicate the final decision through its official communication channels.


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  1. For the principal of a school it is a shame to hear Monrose speak. His diction, his grammar. -Yuck. A lot to be desired


  2. Can Ms Rigobert and all her advisors come into anyone of the primary schools to spend the day, use the washrooms and then advise how possible it is to have kids at school.


  3. Okay so what happens to the other students that teachers are supposed to be teaching online? If they are at school engaging the form 5s, who btw would be home during this period under normal circumstances. I think asking form 4 students to come back to school would be better, at least that way teachers can make some headway with the CSEC syllabus. And since csec will be employing e testing... Would it not make more sense to test the form 5 electronically using Google forms and those other resources? If any students should be engaged in online learning, I would think it would be the form 5 students.


  4. This is pure madness. As far as we know, we are still in a state of emergency ... despite how people are acting we are not out of the woods yet. whether we have current documented cases or not, it is important to remember that a source for the last case was never identified meaning that the virus is likely rampant out there and ppl don’t even know it. and persons can be asymptomatic. people are entering the country illegally, so all it will take is one asymptomatic child to spread the virus to other students... and then their families. So why is the government wanting to risk our children’s health and safety, and by extension all of our safety to reopen classes for a month or less. Do “grades and politics” really outweigh the value of our lives. What about parents who have been out of work now having to fund protective gear, bus and food for these children on a daily basis. Where are they getting the money for that. What about the teachers who do not have childcare or somewhere to leave their children but now have to return to the worksite and put themselves, and their families by extension as risk. What about canteen workers, cleaning staff, ancillary staff who must now also expose themselves as well. I was all for homeschooling and the tremendous effort and money that went in to trying to make that work, so why try to reinvent the wheel and be the only country in the region to come up with this ridiculous idea to have students return just for the sake of tests. It is not worth it. Let the children continue to review at home. Make packages. Put it on the tv and internet. Form fives would have been leaving school at the beginning of the third term anyways so why do they have to do another month at school. By September the country will Most likely have a better handle on testing and accurate measures to deal with the fact that we will likely have to deal with this issue but why is it so important to these people to risk the lives of people to make it happen now. These executives have no connection or understanding of what life is like for the typical family in Saint Lucia. It is a shame they have even considered this plan without engaging the real stakeholders... the students, the parents who will actually be at risk.. while they’ll sit in their homes or offices proud to say they made it happen. I’m surprised the teachers are okay with this plan as well- do they feel they are invincible?? Shame. My child will NOT be going to school I’ll tell you that. Next thing Chas has to come on the tv and say sorry after ppls children get sick. Stop letting our low results so far fool y’all. It’s not safe.


  5. Why all this fear? Open up the schools. Please health ministry do not let the children go back to school with a mask on their face. This is very dangerous..Carbon dioxide poisoning is far more dangerous than a so call virus that has a 99perceny survival rate. We need to end this fear. Listening to WHO is like committing suicide. The WHO n bill gates is under investigation n also Dr fauci is being questioned about his fear factor scale.. Meaning the way he has blown all this out of proportion. Wake up my people..



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